These Instagram Accounts Reveal ‘Emily in Paris’ Fashion So You Can Secretly Copy


Love it or hate it, Netflix’s Emily in Paris has been one of this year’s most hotly debated shows.

Criticised for its depiction of the French, the way a marketing firm works, and the men in Paris (well, they are unrealistically attractive), the show’s audience of ‘hate-watchers’ have been tearing it to shreds ever since its release while simultaneously calling for a second season. Seriously. Give us the second season.

But despite the critique (that’s French for critique), one thing the world can agree on is that the fashion in the series is pretty neat. In the same way Sex and the City‘s costume designer Patricia Field layered unaffordable designer pieces with vintage finds and high-street labels, so too does the Emmy award-winning designer for characters Emily, Camille, Mindy and Sylvie in Emily in Paris.

“She tries to adapt to French chic while still expressing her American identity,” Field told Page Six Style about Emily’s outfits, adding how she ideated Emily’s vintage-inspired phone case to be the new ‘Carrie Necklace’.

Never before the show’s launch had we considered pairing bucket bags with bucket hats, but Emily’s ‘influencer’ gig in the show rubbed off on us in real life, and now it seems we’re on the hunt for bright and loud pieces to wear in a bid to replicate her outfit success.

Thankfully, we need not spend hours trawling the interwebs for the inspiration and the pieces she donned, because a couple of Instagram accounts have already started posting the exact garments as worn by Emily and her pals in the series. The main contenders? @fashionofemilyinparis and @emilyinparisfashion.

Both accounts are run by skilled sleuths who are happy to spend time digging, searching and sourcing items worn by the show’s protagonists.

In each post they’ll reveal details about the outfits worn, whether or not they’re still available online, and in some cases, the exact destinations you can buy the pieces, should you feel so inclined.

From the accounts’ sleuthing, we can see the sheer attention to detail from costume designer Patricia Field.

While Emily appears to be a big fan of American labels Staud, Veronica Beard, and Marc Jacobs, she splices her favourite US labels with French designer pieces, perhaps in an attempt to fit in with her new city?

Camille, on the other hand, is all about Parisian labels. She wears a lot of Maje, Sandro, IRO and Polène Paris.

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