9 Things The Latch Editors are Shopping This Month

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As we entered the millionth month of rain this year (slight exaggeration), my fellow editors and I decided it was time to really treat ourselves. From luxe hair products to cute sunglasses in a moment of blind optimism, and chic jackets to keep us warm through the cooler months, we were all in need of a little treat. We hope this inspires you to also give yourself a treat this month — you’ve earned it.

Quay Yada Yada — Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

Small frames are everywhere these days, but I added these simple ones ($65) to my accessories collection. I was tossing up between black and ivory/brown, but ultimately went with black. I have a long face, so it’s tricky to find frames that suit me, but these seem to look okay on my face. They’re also perfectly priced — you never want sunglasses that are too expensive because then you’ll constantly be afraid of losing them. That said, I also want to make sure they’re made with quality in mind so I can have them for years, and these ones fit the bill.

Lululemon Lab Textured Grid High-Rise Jogger — Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

I haven’t bought these yet, but I have my eye on them. Anything I’ve worn from Lululemon has always felt amazing on my skin and has been super flattering, so I don’t doubt these high-rise joggers ($179) will be the same. I like that they’re in a neutral cream colour so I can wear them with any other colour, and that I can dress them up with heels and a blazer or down with sneakers. Oh, and they’re made from recycled materials, which I’m hoping other brands start to do more of.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones — Ruby Feneley, Beauty Producer

My noise cancelling headphones broke a few months ago and my productivity broke with them. As an easily distracted person, noise cancelling headphones are ESSENTIAL and this Sony pair ($348) is super comfortable, with great sound quality (for when you want to use them for hearing things instead of . . . not hearing things).

Kitty Paw Keycap — Alana Young, Gaming Producer

I spent ages looking for a mechanical keyboard that sounded just the way I wanted it to, so in the end, I decided to build one myself. I bought a Tofu65 case and Tecsee Ice Candy switches, which sound super creamy when you type on them. But maybe the part I’m most excited about is this super cute kitty paw keycap ($20). The rest of my keycaps will be white with clear sides, so it’ll look really clean and bright, and the kitty paw will stand out as my Escape key.

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask — Angela Law, Commercial and Shopping Editor

An exxy hair product for sure, I almost didn’t want to like the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask ($70, usually $95) when I started using it two months ago — alas, it’s great. My hair type is frizzy and prone to breakage due to years of bleaching, plus it’s also fine (but there’s a lot of it). In the few months I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed that my hair feels softer — particularly on the days I’ve used the product — more manageable and, over time, it’s also started to feel stronger. This product has become my perfect companion while trying to grow out my highlights and revive my once very bleached hair.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN SOLDERED Bracelet — Angela Law, Commercial and Shopping Editor

In my opinion, SARAH & SEBASTIAN is one of the most beautiful jewellery brands in Australia. It’s known for producing amazing quality, fine jewellery, and one product I’ve had my eye on for a long time is its SOLDERED service. Fondly referred to as “jewellery’s tattoo”, the service involves having a fine chain literally soldered around your wrist, making it a permanent piece of jewellery that can’t be removed.

My sister and I decided to visit their Mosman store in Sydney to get one of the bracelets and it was truly such a special experience. We decided to add custom “sliders” to our chain, with me opting for a trio of diamonds (as shown above), and my sister adding a love heart and her two sons’ initials. I keep catching myself staring at my wrist and highly recommend it to mark a special occasion, or as an alternative to getting risky matching tattoos with your partner. Prices start at $170, including the service and the bracelet.

Calli Puffer Jacket — Natasha Bazika, Thrillist Producer

I’m going to Tasmania and New Zealand this month, so I thought it was about time to get a puffer jacket. I love this jacket ($160) because it’s stylish as well as practical. I don’t know much about the Calli brand, but this is the second item I’ve bought from them and love the quality. The puffer jacket is super soft, but warm inside. The best part is, that it’s cropped, which is perfect for my short body type. I can’t wait to test it out in the snow.

Globite The Weekender Packing Cube — Amanda Bardas, Publisher

Not the sexiest purchase this month, however, I’m travelling overseas in June for the first time with my toddler, and am starting to think about how I’m going to make the packing process easier. I’m stocking up on a few packing cubes ($60), so I can separate all her tiny things. I like that this option has different pockets for things like socks, swimming costumes, and hats.

Black Double Breasted Jacket — Valentina Todoroska, Managing Editor

I happened to stumble on this blazer ($70) during a trip to my local shopping centre for something else entirely (remember shopping for clothes in physical retail stores?) and loved everything about it. It’s super comfortable, not too heavy, easily layers over a top or knit and makes any outfit look put together with little effort. Perfect for the office. I like that it’s a staple piece and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it in winter. The price point is super affordable, too, and I got 25% off for becoming a member in-store. Even better.

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