From The Editor: Welcome to TheLatch—

Hello everyone, and welcome to TheLatch—

Your new destination for entertainment, lifestyle, wellness, grooming and beauty.

We’re not like many other sites you’re used to reading. For starters, we’re owned by Val Morgan — so you’ll not only see our editorial content across traditional platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but you’ll also see it across one of Australia’s largest digital screen networks. This is media at scale and something I’m really excited about.

The team and I have spent the past couple of months determining our editorial strategy. What we stand for, and what makes us different.

We’re all passionate about quality content, and landed on the same ethos. We exist to expand cultural conversations beyond clickbait. We know you demand more from your content, and we want to deliver on that. So while you’ll find breaking news (because hey, we just gotta), you’ll also find interesting long-forms and bite-sized pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Like is it healthy to keep track of your sexual partners? And why you watch the same shows on repeat. We want to give you the tools to have richer conversations and a deeper understanding of the topics you care about.

We’ve identified some core content themes we’re focused on — climate change, sustainability and equal rights — to continue driving change and conversations to a place they need to be. But really, where are you if you’re not having those conversations right now?! Our content will strive to be inclusive, diverse, fluid in its thinking, and above all else — positive. Because we know now more than ever that device in your hand can be a major source of anxiety — so we’ve decided to not be a part of that narrative. We want to be helpful, inspiring, uplifting.

A little about me before you get stuck into the good stuff. I’ve worked in publishing for a decade — and most recently was the executive editor of a handful women’s lifestyle publications. I want to empower people to define themselves and their purpose through educational content and shared experiences (even if it’s the sharing of a meme here and there — nothing brings people together like a good LOL).

When I’m not creating content or building brands, I like to run and practice Pilates, drink margaritas with my best friend (hi Kate!), watch Friends on repeat and walk the dog with my husband. I also like to read anything I can get my hands on that’ll help me learn, grow and see the world differently. Oh, and I also spend a lot of time planning what my Greek island home will look like. Proof.

So while my expertise is absolutely in women’s lifestyle, I’ll ensure we always have a diverse range of voices speaking to you across TheLatch—.

If there’s anything you think we should be doing better, or want to know more about, hit me up. An old boss once told me feedback is a gift — and a truer word has never been spoken.

I look forward to connecting over email, in DM, or wherever you like to have a chat (so long as it’s not out the front of the office when I’m sprinting to have a margie with Kate).

Thank you for reading — and enjoy!


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