11 Things The Latch Editors Are Shopping This Month

editor picks march 2022

Every month, our editors share the one thing they treated themselves to this month to give you some inspo the next time you, too, want a little pick-me-up. We focus on things that will add genuine value to your life and will last for a long time to come.

Whether it’s a splurge, a little luxury, or something they’ve had on their list for a while. This month, we celebrated life’s little luxuries, with a room diffuser, a new handbag that had been on one editor’s list for months, a baby room necessity, and a mushroom blend that’s replaced one editor’s morning coffee.

Keep on reading to find out exactly what The Latch editors are shopping this March.

baby steraliser
Image: Baby Bunting

59S Steriliser UV Multipurpose Cabinet — Entertainment Editor, Lyndsey Rodrigues

We are in the home stretch now before our baby arrives, so we’ve been getting the last bits and pieces from the list of items we need and finalising the nursery. This UV steriliser ($279) sterilises baby bottles in just three minutes but you can also use it for everyday items such as your phone, keys, beauty tools, and anything else you fancy, which is pretty handy in these COVID times. Plus, I love that it’s quite chic and all-white, which fits in perfectly with the rest of our kitchen appliances.”

dior lip balm
Image: Sephora

Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm — Shopping Editor, Angela Law

I’ve had this Dior lip balm ($55) knocking around in my makeup bag for over a year, but this month, I moved it into my handbag and have been reaching for it multiple times a day since. It has a faint vanilla-peppermint scent (just enough to feel fresh, but not so much that it tingles) and offers a youthful pink tint to my lips with one swipe. I usually line my lips with the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner (another fave) and then top up with this creamy lip balm through the day, and it feels like an easy win for my face.”

glowy tinted moisturiser
Image: Sephora

Glo Skin C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint — Lifestyle Editor, Sangeeta Kocharekar 

I got this tinted moisturiser ($77) that’s really light and makes my skin so dewy. I’m all about low-maintenance, so this with a few licks of mascara and that’s all I need for my work make-up look. Recently, I also started adding tbh Rebound Serum ($68) to the mix. before I apply the moisturiser for even more glow.”

kmart leo lamp
Image: Kmart

Leo Table Lamp — Managing Editor, Valentina Todoroska

“After our last lamp got knocked off the bedside table, I wanted to replace it with something stylish but inexpensive. Enter: The Leo Table Lamp from Kmart ($10). It’s the perfect size for the bedside (which I’m hoping means we won’t knock over and destroy it like the last one) and it takes the same lightbulbs as our last lamp, so it’s even better. The colours also go with the decor in our bedroom and I really like the glow of the light; not too bright and not too dim. Like Goldilocks would say, it’s just right.”

gua sha
Image: Adore Beauty

SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha — Entertainment Producer, Basmah Qazi

“First of all, I’m well aware that Gua Sha sounds like a bit of a gimmick, but I wanted to try it out anyway. I’m always on the lookout for products that improve the way my skin looks, and this face sculpting tool ($30) sounded interesting. It’s supposed to help lift and sculpt the face, all while enhancing the penetration and effectiveness of your skincare. I can’t say I’ve seen any drastic results so far but hopefully, in a few months, I’ll be able to see a difference.”

loeffler randall bag
Image: Net-a-Porter

Loeffler Randall Shoulder Bag — Publisher, Amanda Bardas

“I’m on the hunt for a shoulder bag that looks polished and put together, is big enough to carry the essentials to work, but also works on the weekend running after a busy toddler. I need to have my hands free and also be able to fit her water bottle, a few nappies, and a few snacks to keep her quiet. This bag by Loeffler Randall ($440) definitely fits the bill.”

vb kajal liner
Image: Net-a-Porter

VB’s Kajal Wardrobe by Victoria Beckham Beauty — Beauty Producer, Ruby Feneley

I have been wanting to try Victoria Beckham Beauty forever after hearing great things. With smoky eyes back in a big way (thank you Julia Fox), I felt it was time to try her popular Kajal liner pencils. I was lucky enough to snap up her Satin Kajal Wardrobe ($272), and I have not been disappointed. Each shade deposits pigment at the slightest pressure, like a pot gel liner in a pencil. They are creamy, easy to blend and set down for all-day wear. If you want to start with one I would suggest Cocoa, an infinitely wearable rich brown.”

new balance snaeakers
Image: The ICONIC

New Balance Classics, 237 — Shopping Editor, Angela Law

“It’s been years since I picked up a new pair of sneakers that I can comfortably walk in, work in, and generally live in — so I was excited to finally try a pair of New Balance 237s ($130). In short, I have worn these sneakers non-stop since getting them last month. The soles are bouncy and comfortable, the neutral colour makes them appropriate for all occasions, and the sole is super grippy, which I’ve been especially grateful for during all the Sydney rain. Next time (because there will be a next time), I might even opt for a more adventurous colour.”

mushroom blend
Image: Fancy Fungi

Fancy Fungi Mushroom Powder Blends — Culture Editor, Jack Revell

Having been interested in the potential nootropic and physical benefits of mushrooms for some time, I bought a few packets of these mushroom powder blends ($21) from a market stall in Canberra. The company is a small local one from the ACT who grow all their own mushrooms (although these, they told me, are made from imports) and I’ve been taking them daily since. I’ve noticed a definite boost in my mental clarity, as well as a small increase in overall energy and vitality. Not the same as drinking a coffee, but definitely a strong positive lift without the caffeine crash. I’ve experimented with other mushroom extracts and powders before, but these seem to have a serious kick. The blended powders aren’t available on their website but I’m sure if you email them they can send you some of their mixes. “

cast iron grill pan
Image: MYER

Cast Iron Grill Pan — Ben Tyers, Thrillist Editor

I’ve become obsessed with cast iron pans to the point that I won’t cook in anything but cast iron. You need a bit of weight to the pan. Grill pans ($39, was $100) work a treat for burgers, and steaks, and this one’s pretty easy to clean, given they’re usually quite difficult.”


Peppermint Grove Room Diffuser, Oceania — Lifestyle Editor, Sangeeta Kocharekar 

“I haven’t even opened this room diffuser ($45) yet, and I can still smell it when I walk into my living room — it’s that strong. It smells so good! Perfect for my new beach apartment.”

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