A TikTok-Viral Bodysuit and 8 Other Things Our Editors Shopped This Month

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Finally, we’re all feeling the slide into spring (arguably the most blessedly delightful times of the year) and with the new season comes a fresher home and a fresher wardrobe.

This month, The Latch editors are stocking up on trans-seasonal wardrobe staples, buying that TikTok-viral bodysuit in every colour, and are upgrading our kitchens with new must-haves. We’ve also been turning our attention to Father’s Day, but if you want recommendations in that domain, you’ll find those over here.

If you’re in the mood to treat yourselves, shop all of our editor’s picks for August, below.

Ceramic Nonstick 7″ Frying Pan Skillet — Sangeeta, Lifestyle Editor

This month, I got this frying pan ($29) in turquoise. My kitchen (and home, in general) is very white and features blonde wood, so I like adding pops of colour with home decor and kitchen utensils. I had smaller frying pans before, but needed a bigger one to cook enough for a dinner party of five, so I got the 10-inch.

light blue wash jeans

Ksubi Playback Karma Jeans — Sangeeta, Lifestyle Editor

I am obsessed with this pair of straight-leg jeans ($190) I got from Ksubi. I want to have a go-to pair of jeans in every wash in my capsule wardrobe, and I didn’t have a light stonewash yet. Also, I like jeans that come up high and cinch at the smallest part of my waist as they’re the most flattering on me, and these definitely tick that box.

baby bottle steraliser

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep — Ben, Thrillist Editor

Getting baby bottles sorted in the middle of the night is an absolute nightmare. So, with my second baby on the way, I’m getting a machine that does it all for me ($165, usually $240). No more heating up bottles, only to find they’re too hot, then cooling them down until they’re too cold.

knit maxi dress

Aere Accordion Pleated Knit Dress — Basmah, Entertainment Producer

I spotted this knitted accordion-style dress ($160) during my daily scroll on THE ICONIC and I’ve wanted it ever since. It’s currently sold out in my size, but as soon as it’s restocked, you bet I’m getting my hands on it. Being a knitted dress makes it the perfect addition to my transitional wardrobe as we move into spring, plus, it looks chic without being complicated.

garfield and puma bumbag

Puma X Garfield Youth Waist Bag — Joel, Culture Editor

This bum bag ($40) is more than just a bum bag. It’s an artisanal masterpiece. It’s a portable sculpture that I can use to carry my phone. It’s the peak of engineering that stars a cat who hates Mondays. It’s Icarus flying past the sun into the great unknown. And while it’s youth-sized, it fits great and I love it with all of my heart.

Secretlab MAGNUS Desk — Alana, Gaming Producer

It’s been a while since I last upgraded my gaming setup, and I’ve got the itch to totally redo it. Also, I needed a desk with in-built cable management because my cat is obsessed with free-hanging cables . . . 

The Secretlab MAGNUS ($679) is fully customisable, with magnetic, modular components that keep everything anchored in place and tucked away (read: out of sight). Plus, you can install an LED light strip along the back, and my gaming setup is embarrassingly low on RGB.

new balance sneakers

New Balance 57/40 Sneakers — Valentina, Managing Editor

I first spotted the New Balance 57/40 sneakers ($100, usually $180) on home cook and recipe creator Jess Nguyen, who — as it turns out — also has a super stylish wardrobe. She was wearing the multi-coloured version, but when I couldn’t get my hands on those, I landed on the vintage rose colour shown above. They’re super comfy, didn’t take any time to break in (which is rare) and feel like I’m wearing clouds when I walk. Plus, I managed to get them 40% off, so they practically paid for themselves.

ghd helios hair dryer

ghd Helios, Hair Dryer — Ruby, Beauty Producer

I have been on a strict “no buy” during the month of August. But, I have also been giving the ghd Helios hair dryer ($259, usually $310) long, lingering looks for some time — and it’s finally on sale. My battered, eight-year-old Parlux is still mostly getting the job done (with the occasional broken back vent, hair-shredding episode) but the Helios, with its sleek, lightweight design, powerful motor and unrivalled drying time is calling me. Will I make it through the month without purchasing? Only time will tell.

skims shapewear bodysuit

Skims Sculpting Bodysuit — Ange, Shopping Editor

Shapewear can be a contentious topic, and Kim Kardashian perhaps even more so. But in this month’s edition of “I really wanted to hate it but actually can’t live without it now”, I caved and bought the Skims Sculpting Bodysuit ($116) that’s taken over TikTok. Turns out . . . it’s very good. I hate anything that tries to change the shape of my body or stop me from being comfortable at all times, and this bodysuit does neither of those things (tick and tick!). What is does do is make my body feel supported under jeans that have no stretch, and instead of “sucking me in”, it smooths out the lines of my body under fitted dresses.

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