9 Things The Latch Editors Are Treating Themselves to This April


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The time has officially come: Australia has entered the slide towards winter. While some might see it as a sad, sad time of the year, others (myself included) are relishing in the chillier mornings and return of red wine.

This month, The Latch editors are sharing the one thing they’re finally crossing off their wishlists — all to help you choose how to spend your hard-earned money. Without a doubt, our descent into winter is influencing our purchasing decisions. This month sees us choosing the perfect nappy bag, chic home decor to create a calming space, and cosy clothes for winter.

Ahead, find the nine things The Latch editors are picking up this April.

audio-technica white record player

Audio-Technica Bluetooth Turntable — Ange Law, Shopping Editor

This Audio-Technica Bluetooth Turntable ($389) has quickly become one of my favourite items in my house. I’m the kind of person who likes to have a little bit of background noise at all times, whether it be a podcast, something mindless playing on the TV, or a fan while I’m sleeping. Sometimes, though, when I’m feeling overwhelmed with the ~noise~ I prefer to pop on a record because they’re more calming for my senses. I love this record player because it’s compact but still of great quality, and I can hide my small Bluetooth speakers behind the TV on the other side of the room.

adairs plant stand

Adairs Tazza Pink Plant Stand — Natasha Bazika, Thrillist Lifestyle Producer

I’m a new plant mum, so now that my baby swiss cheese is all grown up, I needed to find a bigger home. I’m really picky with what goes in my home, so I found the gorgeous Tazza Pink Plant Stand ($50) at Adairs. It was also on sale, and I have a linen lovers membership, so it was a further $5 off. Hard to say no to that. I wish it was a little taller, but it works perfectly with my decor and hopefully.


Maeva Resort Stripe Long Set — Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

I’ve just ordered this stripey sleep set ($149). I’m living on my own for the first time and now that I have finally gotten my apartment sorted, I want to spend as much time as I can in it. Hence getting some bougie pyjamas. I chose this pattern as I’m going to try to wear either the top or the bottom out in public. I think they’d look acceptable (read: not like you’re wearing PJs) if you styled them with white or black.

Alf the Label “Luxe Ari” Nappy Bag in Black — Lyndsey Rodrigues, Entertainment Editor

I was searching everywhere for a stylish nappy bag that wasn’t too “mumsy” and I was getting pretty disheartened by what I was finding. Everything was quite ugly and cheap looking or not big enough (or too big). I discovered Alf the Label and immediately loved their elevated products — the fact it is an Aussie-owned company is a bonus, as is their sustainability mission, too. Best of all, the “Luxe Ari” bag ($429) can be worn three ways, has loads of compartments, gorgeous hardware, and will also serve as my work bag when I return from maternity leave.

Paire Ankle Socks — Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

In prepping for colder weather, so I picked up the Paire Ankle Socks ($56.70 for a pack of three) that are made from merino wool and cotton. They promise no blisters, no slipping and no odour. I’ll wear them with trainers or inside boots.

cat scratcher box

Catit Vesper Cat Scratcher Box — Alana Young, POPSUGAR Gaming Producer

I’m adopting my first cat soon, so I’ve been getting ready the only way I know how: by buying expensive things. I bought the Catit Vesper Cat Scratcher Box ($150) because it’s similar to the one at the foster home, so I know he’ll like it, and also because it’s chic. My house is small and I share it with four other people, so space is a premium for us. I wanted something that was either compact or fit in with the rest of our furniture — this ticks both boxes!

Penny Scallan Gumboots For Kids — Amanda Bardas, Publisher

Given the rain is relentless in Sydney, I’m finally giving in and buying a pair of gumboots for my toddler. I try to keep things minimal when it comes to her wardrobe, and with a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals already on rotation, I really thought we wouldn’t need to add a third pair of shoes for a kid who doesn’t have a raging social life. The Penny Scallan Gumboots For Kids ($35) come highly recommended from a few friends, so hopefully, we get more than a few months out of them before she outgrows them!

slip pillowcase

Slip Queen-Sized Pillowcase — Stephanie Anderson, Entertainment Editor

I finally decided to treat myself to a silk pillowcase because I’ve read so much about how they’re great for your hair and skin, and I’m pleased to report the Slip Queen-Sized Pillowcase ($95) is well worth the hype! They also feel luxe to sleep on, which is always nice!

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