Anyway, Check Out This Robotic Window Cleaner You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ecovacs window cleaner

Ecovacs is known for its innovative robot vacuums, and now it’s expanding its product range into… window cleaning. On Tuesday, the company announced the launch of Winbot W1 Pro ($799), a window-cleaning robot (yes, really).

Using 2800Pa suction power, the Winbot W1 Pro promises to deliver a time-saving, spotless window clean. It features auto spray technology, a steady climbing system, and the ability to detect edges.

“We are delighted to expand our product portfolio with the Winbot W1 Pro and believe its advanced window cleaning technology means that Australians can instead ‘sit back, relax and enjoy the view’ whilst we continue to deliver the future of home cleaning,” says Karen Powell, Regional Director of Ecovavcs Robotics in Australia and New Zealand.

Ecovacs robot window cleaner
Image: Ecovacs

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The Winbot W1 Pro works by gripping the window using its suction and precise gravity settings. Then, with spray nozzles in two directions, it works to dissolve stains on the glass and wipe them away. A 60mL reservoir inside the device allows all cleaning areas to be kept wet, as well as a microfiber cleaning pad fitted inside allows for water to be absorbed and the area to be cleaned without any water streaks.

Ecovacs window cleaner
Ecovacs window cleaner

The device is also able to adjust its cleaning route when it detects an edge in just 0.02 seconds, making it suitable for all types of glass cleaning, even shower screens. It’ll also vocalise real-time updates on its cleaning, and can be controlled using Ecovacs’ easy-to-use app.

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