Pack an Umbrella, the Easter Long Weekend Weather Is Going to Be Wet

Heavy storms are predicted for much of the east of Australia as the Easter long weekend weather forecast is made.

Anyone hoping to get away and enjoy some sun over the coming Easter long weekend may have had their plans scuppered as forecasts predict bad weather across much of the country.

The south and east coast of the country are predicted to be hit with “supercell storms” that could produce giant hail, destructive winds of more than 125kms/ph, and possibly even tornadoes.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued weather warnings across southern SA, much of eastern Queensland, eastern NSW, and the ACT. Strong winds are also expected along the East Gippsland Coast in Victoria.

Tropical moisture from the Indian Ocean is currently being sucked across the country by a low-pressure system spiraling in the Bight. That moisture is expected to track eastwards, bringing “severe thunderstorms” to the east of the country on Good Friday and beyond.

The wet weather is expected to kick in from around midday on Friday across much of the east coast as that air hits the Pacific Ocean

“We’re forecasting the risk of severe thunderstorms to extend from south-east Queensland, through eastern New South Wales, into Victoria and Tasmania,” the BOM have said.

The BOM cautioned that flash flooding is possible in areas getting heavy rainfall, particularly in the Northern Rivers part of NSW.

“Being the first day of the Easter Weekend, there will be a number of travellers or campers that may be impacted,” the BOM continued.

In better news, those showers are expected to quickly pass out into the Tasman Sea on Saturday, leaving much of the east coast dry and sunny, except for southern parts of NSW, VIC, and TAS. Those conditions are expected to persist through Sunday as well.

Due to this trough passing through the country, temperatures are expected to be much cooler than might be expected, particularly on Saturday once that storm front has passed.

If you’re in the NT or WA however, expect it to be sunny and warm across much of the region. Darwin is expected to see a few tropical storms throughout the day but with otherwise be warm.

The BoM has urged anyone in eastern Australia, particularly those who are travelling this weekend, to keep up to date with the latest weather warnings for the are they’re in.

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