Add ‘Road Trip Down Australia’s East Coast’ to Your List of Life Goals

east coast australia road trips

It can be hard to remember in our day to day, but we’re so lucky to be living in a country with such a diverse range of landscapes at our footsteps. From glittering beaches to vast pastures, from lush rainforests to sunburnt desert, we pretty much have it all. It’s worth remembering all this when planning your next big holiday; the best adventure of your life can literally be through your home state. Australia’s east coast, specifically, sports a vast range of landscapes, wonders and, of course, cities to marvel at. So, why not make the ultimate east coast road trip your next big adventure?

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But what awaits you on this epic trip? We rounded up some must see stops on the east coast for you to add to your itinerary.

Noosa, Queensland

noosa east coast australia road trip
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There’s a reason this Sunshine Coast town is being dubbed the new Byron Bay, and it’s a relaxing, must-stop destination that is only going to get more popular — so why not get in while you can?

Take a stroll down Hastings St, the heart of Noosa, and breathe in all the town has to offer. It’s a bougie way to amp up any east coast road trip, with high-end boutiques, renowned restaurants and more. You deserve to have your little treat yourself moments on this trip. But, if you’re looking to slow things down, you can always head to Main Beach and unwind in front of crystal-clear waters.

There’s also a ton, and we mean a ton, of places in Noosa and surrounds to spot wildlife you might not see back home, so head to the Noosa National Park to immerse yourself in all Mother Nature has to offer.

Port Macquarie, New South Wales

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Not as trendy as Byron and not as large as Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie serves up that idyllic, coastal town vibe without overdoing it or leaving you under-resourced.

Start your day with a relaxed stroll along the coastal walk, and take a look at the painted rocks that form the breakwall — this is a coastal beach trip after all. You can also swing by the Koala Hospital to truly melt your heart away at some of the cutest native fauna this country has to offer.

Port Mac is very much a chill, easygoing town, making it a haven for those needing the unwind. Head to Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, and keep the lazy day vibes going with an easy wander through the boardwalk, taking in the lush greenery in all its glory.

Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria

Wilsons Promontory National Park east coast Australia
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When people think about an east coast road trip, by the time you get to Victoria you might be thinking the road trip is over, or about cutting straight across to Melbourne. Both viable options, sure, but is an east coast road trip really done if you’re not heading as far south as possible? That’s where Wilsons Promontory National Park comes in.

Otherwise known as ‘The Prom’, this peninsula paradise is at the southernmost tip of the mainland, and allows you to take in coastal views you might never have thought of before. The area is full of hiking trails for you to traverse, before opening to vast, secluded beaches with water so turquoise you’ll find yourself doing a double take. If you look up and around, you’ll see some stunning granite peaks that have helped make the area famous. Visit the iconic lightstation and look out onto the raging waters of the Bass Strait, and take in the fact you’ve made it as far as you can go when travelling down the east coast.

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