You Can Save Up to $350 on a Dyson Vacuum from Now ‘Til June 1


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I never thought I’d describe a vacuum as life-changing, and yet, here I am, proudly shouting from the rooftops that my own Dyson vacuum literally changed the way I live at home. My floors have never been cleaner, my carpets dust-free, and my neighbours have never once complained about my late-night and early-morning cleaning habits (it’s that quiet).

Anyone who owns a Dyson vacuum would likely agree it’s a real game-changer, with the only barrier for most being the appliance’s price. Depending on the model, Dyson vacuums range between $299 and $1,469, and if you’ve got a bigger home and thus, more floors, you’re really looking to the higher end of the spectrum.

Now though, there’s an opportunity to own one of Dyson’s most coveted vacuum models, and for a fraction of the price.

From now until Wednesday, June 1, you can take up to $350 off or receive a gift with purchase on a bunch of Dyson goodies including vacuums, air-purifying fans, and hair tools.

One of the most exciting is Dyson’s deal on the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner, which gives you $300 off. The cord-free model delivers around 40 minutes of suction, which is plenty for your whole house on a Saturday morning.

Its powerful motor and specialised attachments help you suck up dirt, pet hair, dust and other nasties. With the vacuum, you’ll also receive the Direct Drive Cleaner Head, Mini Motorised Tool, the Combination and Crevice Tools, and Docking Station.

The V8 out of your budget? You can also score $200 off the Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin cordless vacuum cleaner, bringing its price tag down to $499.

dyson v7 vacuum
Image: Dyson

Dyson’s current deals also include gift with purchase offers (gifts subject to change) including:

Head to the official Dyson Australia site to shop the deals from now until Wednesday, June 1.

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