This New Dyson Purifier Can Rid Your Home of a Toxic, Near-Undetectable Chemical


Still the brains behind everyone’s favourite vacuum, Dyson goes above and beyond in the home and lifestyle space, leading a new way forward in air treatment, lighting, and beauty.

Today, as the tech company launches its latest product to revolutionise and better your home, the focus is on air quality, and specifically on removing dangerous pollutants from the air we breathe within our own four walls. But more on that in a minute.

Each day, we humans breathe up to 9,000 litres of air, most of which we’re consuming indoors — a pre-pandemic study found we’re spending as much as 90% of our time inside. Yes, even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our homes don’t just serve as a base for our things but rather a space for living, working, playing. We run businesses from home, we workout from home, we sleep, rest, relax and entertain from home. So naturally, the air we breathe at home should be of the highest quality, and it should be a priority to make it so.

But closing your windows to traffic pollution won’t do; because a number of highly toxic chemicals exist already within our homes, emanating from the walls and furniture, and created from cooking fumes and cleaning products. Pollutants like VOCs, allergens and dust can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and lungs, while formaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen. It’s not something to be afraid of necessarily, but its the reason why an air purifier is considered so important today. And that’s where Dyson comes in.


Dyson has today revealed the new Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde range. While ensuring a cleaner home environment, the purifier boasts sealed HEPA 13 standard filtration and is 20% quieter than previous models. Further to this, a dedicated solid-state formaldehyde sensor monitors and actually destroys formaldehyde at a molecular level, before filling a room with clean, pure air.

“Formaldehyde is a colourless gas pollutant, released by furniture and wooden products
containing formaldehyde-based resins like plywood and fibreboard, insulating materials
and products such as paint, wallpapers, varnishes and household cleaning products,” Dyson says in a press release.

“Being 500 times smaller than particles the size of 0.1 microns, it is particularly difficult to capture and if left undetected can lead to prolonged exposure due to continuous release of airborne chemicals, known as off-gassing.”

“The off-gassing tendency of formaldehyde means that it can go undetected in a home for years,” said Alex Knox, vice president of environmental care at Dyson. “The COVID-19 pandemic has raised global awareness about the air that we breathe and Dyson’s commitment to providing cleaner air through innovation and technology remains at the forefront of our mission.”

With the new, advanced filtration system, the purifiers can remove 99.95% of particles as
small as 0.1 microns. These include allergens, bacteria, viruses, pollen and mould spores.

The Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde range will land in Australia on Thursday, May 27 at Dyson.com.au and participating tech retailers. Available in two sizes: the Dyson Purifier
Hot+Cool Formaldehyde will set you back $999, while the Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde is $799.

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