Check Out The Boldest Flavours Doritos Have Released Over The Years


Doritos are a household name in the sense they can be found in just about every pantry in the country, and make for the perfect pre-dinner and post-dinner snack.

While here in Aus we’re used to the tried-and-tested Nacho Cheese, Mexicana, and Cheese Supreme, along with the classic Original Salted, Doritos have recently blessed us with the delicious Cool Ranch and actually ridiculous Flamin’ Hot Cheese Supreme (we do not recommend eating a whole bag of these to yourself after a night out, trust us on this).

They’ve also mixed it up with the recent experimental flavours of Grilled Cheese Burger and Spicy Buffalo Wings, as well as the whole range of Doritos Crackers and Flavour Shot spiced nuts.

While a few of the above are kind of different, Doritos are famous for really going out on a limb and getting seriously bold with their flavour choices.

Here, we bring you a round-up of the wildest, most off-the-wall flavours the iconic chip company have ever come up with. Much of these seem to be Japan-only exclusives which is just making us wish that travel bubble would open up sooner.

Mountain Dew

This was an incredible crossover that didn’t quite receive the support it deserved for the truly zany choice that it is. A bit like spilling a citrusy energy drink into a bag of Mexicana Doritos. Green Mexicana Doritos.

Colossal Chargrilled Steak

This was a one-off promotional pack Doritos did to celebrate the release of Jurassic Park: Fallen World. Crunchy, meaty bites perfect for some on-the-go snacking while running from dinos. Unless it’s the meat flavoured chips they’re after and not you.

Black Garlic

A Japan-only limited release for Halloween 2016 that helped to ward off vampires and probably everyone else in your vicinity.

Gourmet Sausage

These were elongated triangle-shaped chips that came with a herby/meaty flavour that apparently wasn’t exactly reminiscent of sausage but wasn’t too far off the mark either.

Almond Cheese

Here’s where it starts to get really weird. Almonds and…. cheese? The two are not a natural pairing and there is not a whole lot of info online about them. We’re half wondering if this isn’t an elaborate hoax.

Clam Chowder

Like a Canadian’s worst nightmare packaged up in foil wrapping. This review claims they smell “a little fishfoody” but says the chips themselves are not overly fishy. They also say that “the finger remnants are very manageable” so, that’s… good?

3rd Degree Burn Scorchin’ Habanero

Yes, the name of the chips actually uses the phrase “3rd Degree Burn” so we’re guessing this is marketed at sadists. Hungry sadists.

Anchovy and Garlic

The same guy who reviewed the Clam Chowder Doritos also reviewed these! The taste is described as “very assertive” but he wraps it up by saying they’re some of the best to come out of Japan so we’re hoping for a re-release.

Gold Peking Duck

Rectangular Doritos bearing (apparently) an uncanny resemblance to duck which is an oddity in itself as you don’t find a lot of duck flavoured anything (except of course, duck).

Rich Butter

This feels like a real 11pm marketing meeting call. “Butter! We’re doing butter, okay? Let’s just cut the middle man and give the people what they want”. Not a lot of info on flavour out there but we’re guessing they taste… buttery.

We salute you, Doritos, for laying it all on the line and boldly going where no crisp manufacturer has dared to go before.

We’ll leave you with one final Doritos fact that will never leave your brain and force you to repeat it every time you share a bag with mates.

Did you know that Doritos can actually make their chips taste exactly the same without that sticky powder coating on them but they choose not to because licking your fingers while eating them is supposed to be an essential part of the “Doritos experience”?

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