Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Set the Screen on Fire in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Teaser

Olivia Wilde‘s latest foray into directing has been given a 2022 release date, and a snappy little teaser trailer to go with it.

The psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling stars Florence Pugh and Wilde’s real-life partner Harry Styles and is set in the 1950s as it follows a housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community who begins to worry that his glamorous company may be hiding disturbing secrets. Wilde also appears in the film as well as executing directing duties.

The actress turned filmmaker shared a ten-second clip of the film to her Instagram, with a brief but saucy sneak peek of Styles and Pugh passionately kissing.

The US release date for the film has been set for September 23, 2022, so fingers crossed we get an Aussie release around the same time.

Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne and Nick Kroll also star in the highly-anticipated film which began production in late 2021 but then, like fellow films The Batman and Jurassic World: Dominion, was put on hold due to the pandemic. After two weeks, filming recommenced and the movie wrapped in February 2021.

Chatting to Variety at the start of the year, Wilde spoke of the difficulties of making a movie during a pandemic.

“It definitely affects that exact ingredient in the process, that camaraderie. It definitely makes it more difficult,” she said. “You have to really focus on everybody’s eyes. Everyone is communicating so differently, and there’s a lot of gesticulating.”

Wilde first came to prominence as an actor with roles on The O.C., Drinking Buddies before making her directorial debut with 2019’s critically acclaimed Booksmart.

Speaking to Variety, Wilde revealed that she found the process of acting in films fairly exhausting.

“Directing is so much less exhausting than acting,” she said. “Because acting, the stopping and the starting is exhausting. You’re revving up and your adrenaline goes up, and you’re performing. Then you’re waiting for two hours in that walk back to the trailer, sitting there on your phone wondering if you should have learned how to knit?

“I think it’s that the boredom creeps in and sort of plants a seed and stays there, you’re fighting against it to stay focused. Whereas with directing, because it is constant, I find that quite energising. The relentless asking and answering of questions, leaves you buzzing. And then, of course, you face plant when you get home. But it’s a different kind of exhaustion.”

Thanks to the huge success of Booksmart, Wide was able to take her pick as to who she trusted with her sophomore directorial effort, with 18 companies who were vying to make Don’t Worry Darling. Ultimately, it was New Line Cinema that won the bid.

The film is slated for an “in-theatres” only release at this point.

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