How to Donate Effectively to Australia’s Many, Many Flood Victims

donate to flood victims

Australia has been rocked by massive flooding right through the south-eastern states over the past few weeks, and with more heavy rainfall set to hit practically the entire eastern half of the country over the next few days, things are going to get worse before they get better.

Aussies are great at helping each other out. It’s what we do best in times of crisis, and there’s been enough crisis in this country to last us several lifetimes in the past few years alone.

With thousands of people inundated by floodwaters, farms and residences being cut off by rising rivers, and livelihoods being washed away, we’re once again looking to dig deep and do what we can to help out those in need.

But where to give your money, time, or belongings can be a tricky one. So, here’s how you can donate in the most effective way, knowing that what you give is going to go straight to those who need it the most.

How to Donate to Flood Victims in Australia

There are a tonne of charitable organisations out there in Aus doing great work. Some of the most engaged directly in flood relief include:

The Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross has been responding to emergencies and providing humanitarian assistance in Australia for over 100 years. They raised and distributed over $50 million for the floods in Queensland and NSW in March of this year and are currently on the ground in Victoria doing what they do best. The Red Cross is currently asking for money as well as volunteers to get involved in the flood relief effort, which you sign up to here.

Salvation Army

The Salvos are currently “mobilising” $2 million of their Red Shield funds to support communities in flood-affected areas across Victoria, NSW, and Tasmania. They’re providing meals, bedding, toiletries, and clothing at nine evacuation centres right now, but they’ve called on additional support to expand their operations.

“Natural disasters such as floods, while devastating for those directly impacted, have the ability to unite us as a country and show that Aussie spirit for which we are known,” said a spokesperson.


If you want to donate money directly to those affected, GoFundMe is the place to do it. While the floodwaters recede and people look to put their lives back together, those $1,000 government relief grants aren’t really going to cut it.

There are currently dozens of appeals from flood-affected people on the GoFundMe website — which have been verified by the organisation — and your money will go straight into their pockets to help them rebuild.

How Can I Donate Furniture to Flood Victims?

Donating goods to flood-affected areas might seem like a good idea, but people on the ground are going to have to sort that out while there may be more pressing matters to attend to.

If you want to donate furniture to those who may have lost everything, the best way to do that is through the platform Givit.

Givit partners with government agencies to support local recovery. It works by people appealing for specific help — maybe a new sofa or a new washing machine — and donors getting on there to fill those needs.

You can also pledge an item you no longer want or need and Givit will match that item to someone in need when that donation is required.

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