Why the Non-Binary Icon Kipp Lee Donated Their Nipples

Procosmediq is a company that specialises in buckwild brilliance. They created the Donate Your Nipple campaign, which sources prosthetic nipples for people that have lost theirs to breast cancer or top surgery. 

This campaign involves volunteers taking off their shirts, putting silicone on their nipples, and this silicone hardening into moulds. These moulds are then added to Procosmediq’s library of nipples. 

On 19 June, The Latch published a review of Procosmediq called A Nipple Is Like a Fingerprint. We gave their prosthetic nips a 10/10.

Later that day, one of our non-binary audience members got in touch. Their name’s Kipp Lee and they felt like the timing of our article was “one of those moments of the universe synchronising.”

Kipp Lee
Image: Kipp Lee

In an Instagram message, they wrote to us, “I’m getting top surgery soon and not keeping my nipples. So I’m going to donate them, so they can live on!”

We then asked Kipp if they’d be keen to be interviewed about this experience, which was followed by an enthusiastic yes. Four days later, Kipp went to Procosmediq.

Here is the story about why Kipp donated their nipples.

Coming Soon: Kipp’s Top Surgery Glow Up

Kipp Lee is a non-binary person who has been considering getting top surgery for three or four years now. This is because their chest has severely impacted their quality of life.

“I’m excited to start wearing shirts that didn’t really fit me before, or be shirtless when swimming,” Kipp told The Latch. 

“I’m also ready to lose a level of dysphoria. It’s definitely been something that’s been very prevalent in my sex life. It will be nice to not suddenly have little panics during intimate moments just because I have boobs.”

However, it’s only been recently that Kipp has been able to afford top surgery. Kipp will be losing their breasts in around a month’s time. 

As previously mentioned, Kipp has decided not to keep their nipples. This is because there’s a risk that they’ll get nipple necrosis during the surgery. Nipple necrosis is when one’s areolas are damaged and start to die. It can be life-threatening.

As Kipp explained, “I’m just wanting to avoid any sort of complications.”

“Having larger breasts, they will have to fully remove the nipples. If I wanted to keep them, there could be issues with the nerve endings, reconnecting them, and all that sort of stuff.”

Kipp also believes that the aesthetics of some top-surgery nipples wouldn’t fit them well.

“I don’t really like the look of trimmed-down areolas to make the nipple appear more male. I’m non-binary, I’m not going for a male chest. I’m going for a flat chest.”

But that being said, Kipp doesn’t want their nipples to disappear into the ether. 

“I’m about to get rid of mine,” said Kipp, “so I may as well give them to someone who can use them.”

A Nipple Called Shona: Kipp’s Donation Journey

On 26 June, Kipp Lee donated their nipples to Procosmediq. They collabed with the company’s founder, Niki Cirillo, and had a wonderful time.

“It was quite fun actually. Niki is really lovely. The space is gorgeous,” said Kipp.

Kipp Lee donating their nipple
Image: Kipp Lee

“When Niki was peeling my mould off, she was like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m touching your breast.’ And I was like, ‘I kind of came in knowing that you would’.”

However, before heading to Procosmediq, Kipp was struggling to think of a name for their nipple. For Procosmediq, the name of one’s nipple is super important. These names signify that choosing a new nipple isn’t clinical and is instead a human experience.

“I was trying to determine what the name of my nipple would be,” said Kipp. “At first, I considered naming it my birth name. Which I felt weird about.” 

“I don’t consider my birth name my dead name, because of some family politics. But I still feel a bit weird about providing it.”

Fortunately, Kipp then came up with the perfect name. 

As Kipp explained, “I ended up choosing the name Shona. That was the name of a close friend of my mum. She passed away a few years ago from breast cancer.”

Kipp Lee’s Procosmediq nipple mould
Image: Kipp Lee

“I felt that was the other way of going about naming my nipple. Because there’s the trans side, and then there’s the cancer side.”

According to Procosmediq, a whack of their clients after prosthetics nipples are breast cancer troopers and survivors. There’s a strong chance that Kipp’s nipples will one day be worn by some patients.

Kipp Lee: What the Heck’s Next for Their Life

Understandably, Kipp Lee is both excited and nervous for their top surgery. During our chat, they mentioned how grateful they are for their friends.

“I’ve had a couple of people offer to bring me care packages and bring over their dogs while I’m recovering. It’s really sweet,” said Kipp.

According to Kipp, they might purchase some moulds of their nipples “a little bit further down the track.” But they’re also just stoked that this option is there.

If you’re interested in donating your nipples to Procosmediq, then click the link here.

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