Is the Key to Success on Bumble Having a Dog in Your Profile Photo?


For all the joys puppies bring us — endless love, comforting cuddles, a reason to get outside and moving each day — dogs also have incredible pick-up abilities.

Approaching someone cute on the guise of patting their equally cute dog is one way to introduce yourself to a potential match, but the puppy effect works just as well online, too. At least that’s what new data from Bumble would indicate.

In new research conducted by the online dating platform, nearly 30% of Bumble users were found to proudly display the “dog” badge on their profiles, with more men adding the badge than women. Users may choose to add certain badges on Bumble to indicate their interests.

Further to this, over 130,000 Australian Bumble profiles were found to mention dogs at one point or another in profile bios. Whether they had one, wanted one, or wanted to find someone with one, the mention of dogs appears to be working for lovers online.

It certainly worked for Cassie Irving, a former Bumble user from South Australia. Irving swiped right on her now fiancé Tyrone Anthonysz after spotting a dog in his profile picture.

On her first impression of Anthonysz, Irving tells The Latch: “I thought, ‘wow, that dog is so cute and fluffy’, and I knew I had to meet him and cuddle him. Then I looked at Tyrone in the picture and thought, ‘wow, he is so handsome!’

“The dog made me look and ultimately encouraged me to swipe right. Instantly, we matched and I messaged him right away saying ‘Your dog is so cute! What’s his name?’ And the rest is history!”

It was important for Irving to find a partner who loved dogs just as much as she did. “I have two dogs of my own and they are my world. So it was imperative that anyone I date loved dogs too. Seeing Chino (Tyrone’s dog who featured in his profile pic) was an instant yes from me.”

dog bumble
Tyrone Anthonysz’s profile picture made Cassie Irving swipe right instantly. Image: Supplied.

Irving believes that dog owners tend to be more patient and compassionate — two qualities she hoped to find in a partner. “I believe the dog and its character says a lot about the owner. I fell in love with Chino instantly and so I knew I was onto a winner with Ty.”

Now, the couple has merged furry families and are living blissfully alongside their three dogs; taking frequent outdoor holidays and going for regular walkies. “We are our own little loving family,” she says.

So, this International Dog Day, which falls on Wednesday, August 26, perhaps now is the time to swipe right on that cute profile pic featuring a dog. You may end up with your own furry family, just like Irving and Anthonysz.

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