Hire These Pooch-Friendly Vans For Your Next Family Road Trip


There’s no doubt about it, our pooches hate being left behind and we hate leaving them behind. During lockdown, dog owners were around all day, and now that we’re all back in the office, some of our furry friends are suffering from separation anxiety. While bringing your dog to work is still relatively forbidden (let’s change that), a slew of caravan companies have introduced pooch-friendly vans, so no dog is left behind on the next family road trip. 

In fact, some campervans are even being decked out with plenty of pup-friendly amenities to make sure your dog is getting the on-the-road treatment they deserve. However, it’s also crucial to make sure the campervan itself is road-trip-ready by either having a new battery fitted or having a battery health check undertaken. Battery World can help you with both, while also recycling your old battery, and even providing roadside assistance.

This dedicated dog-friendly van pictured below, for example, contains a variety of enrichment products to keep pups captivated, including a slow feeder, for hounds who like to gobble their grub in seconds, a suction lick mat for pets to benefit from a little mental stimulation. It even contains a nifty tool that can be used as a chew toy or as another food bowl, providing hours of health hound entertainment.


You can also find vans that are kitted out with snuffle mats, chew toys, lick mats, fluffy blankets, harnesses, and a collection of dog swim jackets available for loan.

However, sometimes we take road trips for more low-maintenance holiday alternative, and several campervan hire options exist that will simply allow you to bring a pet along without all the extra bells and whistles. Some campervan hire companies make sure all their vehicles are pet-friendly, and you just need to bring your beloved pup’s literal creature comforts from home.

Whatever the size of your furry friend, always be sure to make sure your campervan — whether owned or hired — has a healthy battery that can survive the ride, and Battery World is here to help.

With over 100 Battery World stores across Australia, there’s bound to be one near you. Check out your local Battery World store today.

This article originally appeared on Thrillist.

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