What Do Healing Crystals Actually Do, and How Do They Work?

Healing crystals

Are you curious about healing crystals? They seem to be everywhere these days — in water bottles, on Instagram, in Paris Hilton’s kitchen. But while they’re great to look at, what do crystals actually do? And how do they even work?

We put these questions and more to crystal expert and founder of Myles Gray, Janelle Palirk, here’s what she said.

What do healing crystals do?

Crystals emit an energy frequency that works with your own energy frequency to enhance overall wellbeing. The energy emitted will depend on the crystal you choose. For instance, if you want something to protect your home from negative energy then black tourmaline is perfect — it’s a black crystal with a deep heavy energy that can make you feel very safe and protected in your home.

What are the different types of crystals?

There are so many different crystals, and each one has its own energy and healing trait. Some examples:

Black Tourmaline

A black crystal that works to protect your energy from negativity and self-doubt. If you find you are around someone who is a negative person, keeping a small black tourmaline crystal in your pocket will help repel the energy they are giving off.

Rose quartz

A pink crystal that has soft, loving energy. It focuses on the heart chakra and allows you to give and accept love freely. rose quartz is great for a big family dynamic as it can calm the energy in the space well.


A purple crystal that welcomes calm and relaxation. Amethyst is a crystal we use to centre our thoughts, collect our ideas and often, to meditate with. It can also aid in sleep.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz helps you to ground your fears and anxieties, it allows you to feel connected to the earth and brings you back to earth if your head can be in the clouds.


A white crystal that can cleanse the energy in your space. It’s also the only crystal that can recharge other crystals.

Clear quartz

A favourite if you are just starting your crystal journey, clear quartz can help with your happiness. It helps to bring in a positive mindset and can enhance the effect of other crystals.

How do you activate crystals?

You can activate crystals in a number of ways — by popping them in the sun, burying them in the ground under moonlight or placing them on selenite, which is another crystal that charges other crystals. Confusing, I know.

However, the best way to activate them for your own home is to recite an affirmation that is current for that specific crystal. For example, if you want black tourmaline to protect you, you could recite the affirmation ‘I welcome only good energy and protection in this space’.

When should you put crystals out?

Only when the full moon energy is out, as it recharges the crystals’ energies and makes them more powerful. The full moon is like a charger for your crystals — they’ll run out of power if you don’t recharge them.

Do certain crystals go in specific areas of the home?

Yes! There are some crystals that don’t work in certain spaces in the home and, as a result, can affect your mood or sleep. For instance, tiger’s eye is a motivating crystal, so it’s not recommended you place that one in the bedroom. Work with the energy the crystal brings you and place it in areas of your home where you want to feel that energy.

If you want your lounge room to be a peaceful tranquil space, add crystals that bring in a soft, peaceful energy. If you want your lounge room to be a space for open discussions, place a crystal that helps to open the throat chakra.

At the end of the day, though, every home is different and every family is different, so don’t go off a ‘place this crystal in this room’ guide. Simply, imagine the energy you want in that space and think about what you will be doing in there, and then add the crystals that best fit that purpose.

But ultimately, it’s important to remember, crystals don’t replace science. Keep that in mind.

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