How to DIY the Foam Mirror You Keep Seeing on Instagram


It’s the DIY project dominating your Instagram feed, and while the foam mirror may look like a somewhat intimidating and visually commanding interior trend, it’s actually super easy to create at home, and with only a few items found at the local hardware store.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the trend originated — statement mirrors have always had a place in the homes of the architecturally inclined — but there’s no doubt interest around foam mirrors has drastically increased in the past few months. Perhaps due to people spending more time at home nurturing new hobbies.

Either way, it’s likely some of you are keen to give this trend some airtime on the weekend (you did click on this article after all). So we’re here to help you create your own.

Follow the instructions below to creating a foam mirror at home, and enjoy your new Instagram-worthy decor addition.

How to make a spray foam mirror

You will need:


1. Start by laying out your tarp on the floor of a well-ventilated area. If you have a garage or backyard, it’s recommended to DIY your mirror outside.

2. Using a brick or box, securely prop up your mirror reflective-side-up in the centre of the tarp with plenty of coverage either side.

3. Wearing gloves and a mask, begin to spray your expandable foam in a zig-zag motion around the border of the mirror, following the instructions on the can. Note that your foam will expand significantly, so a less is more approach is best to begin with.

4. Leave your creation to dry completely before handling it next. Overnight is safe. If you prefer the off-white hue of the foam, you can display your piece at home once dry, but should you wish to add some colour, continue on to step five.

5. From here, you can paint your foam border in whatever shade you please. If you’re confident with spray paint and less concerned about mess, then opt for a spray paint can, covering the mirror’s reflective surface with masking tape and newspaper to protect it. You can also use a paintbrush and regular wall paint for a more controlled application.

Now you know the basics, you can get creative with your foam creations. You can even spray expandable foam on the exterior of vases or side tables, like in the Instagram below.

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