The Rise of the Divorce Retreat


The idea of marriage within our society has changed drastically in the last 30 years. Generally speaking, most people are getting married in their late 20s early 30s, the idea of non-monogamous relationships is evolving, and marriage doesn’t feel so daunting and definitive because we’ve become more realistic about divorce

Breaking up isn’t always a bad thing. For a lot of people, it’s the start of something new. Of course, the loss of a relationship can be challenging to deal with, but even if it feels uncomfortable or sad or heartbreaking, many take the view that the dissolve of a partnership usually happens for a reason and we’re getting into celebrating that. 

If 2019 was the rise of the divorce party, 2021 is the rise of the divorce retreat. With self-care, wellness and decluttering at an all-time priority in our universal minds, it seems only natural that a divorce retreat could be the most fulfilling way to end a marriage. 

Regardless of individual circumstances, change can be emotionally draining. You and your (former) partner (or even just you) deserve some serious relaxation and healing after deciding to part ways, so you can start your new separate lives putting your best foot forward. 

But don’t worry, we’ve done the research. Here are some of Australia’s best divorce retreats.

Detox Your Divorce

Detox Your Divorce was founded by divorce lawyer Cassandra Kalpaxis, and is specifically for women who have recently separated from their partner. There are two options, a two-day in-person retreat, or a newly-launched online course.

The two-day retreat is designed to give people an opportunity to speak with leading professionals about their individual situation, and hopefully get some closure, all while staying in a luxurious hotel. So room service, a minibar and the opportunity to vent to an educated and wise stranger? Sounds pretty perfect to us. 

Due to so much recent success, Detox Your Divorce has become accessible to even more Australians with their new online course ‘Detox Your Divorce: The Series’. The series is available in modules, which can be purchased separately or done as a set. It’s specifically designed for people looking to deal with their separation in an easy to understand, supportive and informal environment.

Some of the modules that are available are:

  • Introduction to the Legal Side
  • Dating 101 After Divorce
  • Children and Separation
  • Show Me the Money
  • Communication and Co-Parenting

For all the information, head to the Detox Your Divorce website.

Naked Divorce

This program is designed to help you through the trauma and chaos of a divorce, separation or a break up. You can do it online or face-to-face, and it’s a 10-day course of different types of therapies, equipping you with ways to process and cope with your situation. This retreat is more of a retreat within, as it doesn’t have you staying at any luxe destinations; it’s just all about the conversations and your own personal processes. 

The Banyans

When you imagine a high-end retreat in a tropical location, probably in a huge villa house with fresh bread in the morning…The Banyans is what you’re imagining. Located in southeast Queensland, The Banyans is a private, residential rehabilitation retreat, offering a range of services as well as ‘Divorce & Recovery – Helping You Grieve & Heal’.

The course is designed to not only to work through emotional trauma but also to rebuild your physical, emotional, and mental energy. Expect many deep conversations with professional psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors and experience different types of therapy such as music therapy and art therapy – all tailored to your specific needs. 

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