The ‘70s Nightclub Trend Sweeping Through Scandinavian (and Now Aussie) Homes

Disco ball home decor

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The latest décor trend involves an object synonymous with nightclubs in the ‘70s and, up until recently, considered somewhat daggy: a disco ball.

The trend was identified in Architectural Digest earlier this year, with the publication saying that, though disco balls were traditionally designed for public gathering spaces, they’re now gracing our homes in greater numbers. “By why is this ‘70s icon back in vogue?,” it writes. “When asked, many people tend to return to the simple notion of being pretty or making them smile.”

Disco balls are universally associated with feelings of freedom, fun and positivity, says Corban De La Vega, chief marketing officer of Decor Matters. They remind you that your home can be a space for youthfulness and excitement and that it’s important to focus on that in life.

“We love the trend of disco balls as it spruces up the home, adds personality, and transforms the mood of a room,” says De La Vega. “Not only is it trendy and fun, but a disco ball also increases the illusion of space by reflecting light throughout the room.”

The exact effect of the disco ball on your room depends on its application, says Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at interior design company Decorilla. For example, a disco ball planter is a fabulous way to bring attention and life to a hanging houseplant and by being placed in a window or well-lit area adds unexpected light reflections to the room. Scahffer says the mirrored finish on disco balls brings a refined and energetic touch to outdoor and indoor spaces.

“Disco balls are sculptural by design and work best when placed unintentionally,” he says. “A personal favourite placement in a design is in front of a fireplace hearth. When the lights dim, the reflections of the flames on the mirrored rounded surface are magical.”

So, what are some disco balls to shop for your home to tap into the trend? Scroll down to see some of our favorite options.

Disco Ball Decor (10cm), $24.20

Disco Ball Decor


Mushroom Disco Ball Home Decor, $85.92

Mushroom disco ball

Mushroom Disco Ball, $22.99

Mushroom disco ball

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