The Cliffside Dining Experience Worth Planning a Trip to Thailand Around

Dining on the Rocks Koh Samui Thailand

Seated cliffside with the Gulf of Thailand crashing below, a tasting menu in front of you and sunset beyond — this is Dining on the Rocks at Six Senses Koh Samui, an experience worth planning a trip to the island, possibly even Thailand, around.

“The architectural marvel of 10 wooden decks nested on the rocks combined with an awe-inspiring setting and intimate ambience makes it a top choice for any fine dining lover,” says Executive Chef Kien Wagner. “The setting is truly magical.”

On arrival at the top of the cliff, guests are led to their table on a 10-tier deck, made from weathered teak and bamboo. For those celebrating or wanting more privacy, Table 99 and Table 100 are on private decks.

Dining on the Rocks Koh Samui
Image: Six Senses Koh Samui

The drinks and dining experience then begins, with dishes by Wagner — who’s had a culinary career spanning 18 years across multiple continents. Today, he melds his classical French training with a love for Asian cuisine, creating flavour-packed, creative dishes that can be ordered a la carte or tasted as part of tasting menus.

“Dining on the Rocks blends tradition with modernity,” says Chef Kien Wagner. “I forage around the country looking for the finest of ingredients to build up creative masterpieces with sustainability at their core.”

Dining on the Rocks Six Senses Koh Samui
Image: Six Senses Koh Samui

‘The Taste of Rock’ is a six-course tasting menu that includes beef tartare with tiger prawn, Dijon mustard and cured egg yolk and, to finish, dark chocolate lava pudding. Seafood lovers will enjoy ‘The Sea Tasting’, a tasting menu featuring Thai bouillabaisse with scallop, calamari and plankton oil, as well as Andaman white snapper with kaffir lime and caviar.

‘The Plant Tasting’ is a plant-based feast, championing veggie dishes, like zucchini in a zesty tomato spice sauce, beetroot with tangy goji berry sauce and a dessert called ‘plant chocolate’, served with an orange and coconut ice ball. Finally, there are also a handful of shorter, four-course introductory tasting menus.

Kien’s personal favourite dish? The Phuket lobster because, as he puts it: “There’s nothing better than fresh seafood from the region”. Sumeet Kaur, the property’s Food and Beverage Director, says he’s partial to the Barramundi with spinach, saffron sauce and basil oil.

Dining on the Rocks Six Senses Koh Samui
Image: Six Senses Koh Samui

“This dish is the perfect example of a native ingredient elevated to its best by bringing world-class ingredients and some meticulous cooking style,” says Kien.

Each dish is paired with wines, curated by Kaur. He strives to keep the wine selection at least 70% natural, organic, biodynamic or sustainable. The list also includes exquisite wines, carefully stored and maintained with the use of the restaurant’s coravin technology, as well as cocktails.

“Gaze upon the changing colours of the sky while sipping on a cocktail and dining under the stars,” says Kaur. “There’s no place like Dining on the Rocks, with nature’s serenity to welcome you.”

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