5 Home Décor Hacks That Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

Bed Threads

It’s common knowledge that your environment can have a significant impact on your mood. While there are of course countless studies that prove this, it’s apparent just by noticing how you feel when you walk into a clean, clutter-free space. Chances are you’ll feel calmer, happier and, if you’re working there, more productive.

With that in mind, apart from the obvious clearing our spaces of clutter, what other ways can we create a mood-boosting space? We tapped into the expertise of Genevieve Rosen, founder of cult Australian bedding label Bed Threads. Ahead, Rosen shares five of her top home décor hacks that’ll instantly make you feel more relaxed.

Add Greenery

House plants brighten up any space and help to turn it into a tranquil sanctuary. They also purify the air, which can help to optimise your sleep. The act of looking after your plants and watching them grow can also help you to relax and feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you’re not quite a green thumb, choose low-maintenance options such as cacti and succulents, or simply treat yourself to a vase of fresh flowers instead.

Introduce Colour Accents

Certain colours are proven to evoke certain emotions, so bringing them into your home décor can greatly impact your mood. For example, red can make you feel anxious, while green is generally associated with peace and tranquillity and pale blue with focus and serenity. It’s not surprising that yellow, a colour associated with happiness and optimism, is a huge colour trend for 2021. You don’t need to paint the walls bright yellow to get the benefits of colour therapy, though, introduce it more subtly with some accents.

Maximise Natural Light

Exposure to sunlight is proven to help regulate your mood and your sleep. Opening blinds and curtains first thing in the morning helps to tap into your natural circadian rhythm and boost serotonin levels. If you have the option, choose sheer window dressings that allow as much natural light in as possible whilst also providing some privacy.

Organise Your Space

A neat and tidy home space is much more calming than one that is busy and cluttered. Start with some functional storage solutions to ensure everything has a place — with some simple systems, it’s much easier to maintain tidiness and avoid overwhelm.

Another big tip is to make your bed every morning. When the bed is unmade, the rest of the room can easily look chaotic. Opt for a cohesive palette of solid colours instead of busy prints and curate what you have on display.

Incorporate Soft Curves

If your home has a lot of flat surfaces and straight lines, consider adding décor with curving geometry, which can help you to relax and feel safe. A soft throw, a round mirror and some organic shaped vases and candles are a quick and easy way to balance out any sharp edges.

Separate Your Work and Sleep Spaces

If you work from home and regularly find yourself logging on from your bedroom, you might find it difficult to switch off. It’s important to separate your work and sleep spaces both physically and, therefore, mentally. If space allows, set up a desk as your dedicated workspace and avoid bringing your laptop into bed or answering emails on your phone in bed late at night or upon waking.

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