‘Deadloch’: Where Have You Seen the Cast Before?

Are you the kind of person who needs to know the name of every actor in the series that you binge? Are you constantly pausing your favourite shows and movies to scroll the depths of Wikipedia and IMDb? Have you been enjoying Deadloch but asking yourself, “Where Have I seen this cast before?”

Whelp, you might have control issues. But we’re not therapists, so let’s not unpack that can of worms. Instead, let’s go through the Deadloch cast list and detail what else these fine actors have starred in.

The Deadloch Cast List

Kate Box as Dulcie Collins

Deadloch cast Kate Box
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Deadloch opens with a dead, naked body that’s had a cigarette dropped onto its pubes. It’s then up to Dulcie Collins, played by Kate Box, to discover how this person died.

Dulcie Collins is a senior sergeant who works in the fictional town of Deadloch, Tasmania. She’s reserved, by-the-books, and stoic. Kate Box does a fantastic job of bringing this ‘straight man’ to life.

Before Deadloch, Kate Box starred in Rake, Wentworth, and Fires.

Madeleine Sami as Eddie Redcliffe

Deadloch cast Madeleine Sami
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If Dulcie Collins is Deadloch’s straight shooter, then Eddie Redcliffe is the opposite. This character, played by Madeleine Sami, is known as the “cowboy from Darwin.” She’s loud, abrasive, vulgar, and a highlight of the whole series. 

Before Deadloch, Sami starred in Super City, What We Do in the Shadows, The Breaker Upperers and Golden Boy

Alicia Gardiner as Cath York

Deadloch cast Alicia Gardiner
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Cath York, played by Alicia Gardiner, is the wife of Dulcie Collins. For some reason, Cath doesn’t want Dulcie to lead this investigation. Before Deadloch, Alicia Gardiner starred in Miss Fishers’ Murder Mysteries, The Clearing, and Offspring

Nina Oyama as Abby Matsuda

Deadloch cast Nina Oyama
Prime Video

Abby Matsuda is played by Nina Oyama. Abby is an eager, newcomer police officer who works with Dulcie Collins. She’s both a sweetheart and a bit of a goofball. 

Before Deadloch, Nina Oyama starred in The Chaser’s War, Utopia, and Home and Away.

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