The Entire Cast Of Days Of Our Lives Has Been Released From Their Contracts

days of our lives

Nobody panic! Or at least, not yet.

While the long-running daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, which first aired all the way back in 1965 hasn’t officially been cancelled, it is going on an indefinite hiatus, and the entire cast has been released from their contracts.

So what does this mean?

On the one hand, it means that the Days cast are all free agents, able to sign onto new projects without having to worry about what will become of their characters, if and when the show returns for season 56 (yes, fifty-six).

On the other hand, NBC is looking to hammer out a new deal with Sony Pictures Television for Days of Our Lives, and details around that are scarce. Whether it means everyone returns at lower salaries, or whether it means they re-tool the show and cut some characters in favour of others, all of that is up for discussion.

days of our lives

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, one source is reported to have said that “all signs point to a renewal, even though it’s quite easy to assume the worst these days when it comes to the health of daytime dramas”.

It’s likely that the network will announce its decision early next year.

Regardless of what the outcome of all of this is, Days fans have plenty of time to come to terms with any potential news: season 55 is about to kick off, and they shoot eight months in advance, so there will be enough drama to tide everyone over until mid-2020.