Great News: Tinder Has Found Your Perfect Match Based on Your Star Sign


With the chaos of 2020, including our summer of love ravished by devastating bushfires and the months that followed of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, it hasn’t exactly been an inviting year for a love affair.

Those in relationships have been presented with a unique set of new challenges, but singles have also felt their own effects. With the opportunities to meet new people in person few and far in between, many have turned to online dating apps — in fact, dating apps across the board have never seen more users.

Just like IRL dating is a process of elimination, so too is navigating users on the apps to find those with common values, interests and qualities of attraction. Now, Tinder is hoping to make the process a little easier, by revealing your perfect match according to your star sign.

Looking at its own data, and with the help of some astrologer connections, the team at Tinder have passed on their definitive guide to dating compatibility with other Tinder users. By helping people to better understand their personality traits according to their signs, Tinder hopes to help its users find a match faster and more effectively.

Aries perfect match: Libra

Tinder data finds Aries users are more likely to list their kick-ass jobs in their bio, you know, to show they’re the boss to potential matches. “Potential matches be warned: this natural-born leader will likely want to lead the way. These confident catches max out on the photos they show and can’t help but tout how ‘lit’ they are,” Tinder says.

Arians love to talk about themselves, and tend to cram their bios with all of their interests. Tinder data finds they’re also extra likely to list a love of podcasts or hiking.

Taurus perfect match: Taurus

Apparently Taureans are the only ones who can stand to date people who share their sign. “When it comes to dating, Tauruses know exactly what they want: themselves. Not only do they swipe the most (it seems they’re quite ‘bullish’ when it comes to finding love), but Tauruses are also the fastest to respond to messages,” Tinder says.

Taureans love food, and are more likely to include mentions of food and drink in their bios. If you’re looking to take a Taurean out on a date, prepare to wine and dine them.

Gemini perfect match: Aquarius

These adventure seekers are keen to display their favourite hobbies and interests in their bios with the use of emojis. Expect to see the beer, music and airplane emoji crop up most.

“These social butterflies are ready to party all night, which may explain why you might find them bartending (most likely to list as their job of any sign) or belting out their top Spotify anthem the most,” says Tinder. Unfortunately for Aquarians, who tend to make their perfect matches, Geminis are the most critical when it comes to swiping right.

Cancer perfect match: Aquarius

Of all the signs, Cancers are the slowest to reply to matches on Tinder, but it’s not personal and a slow reply shouldn’t be taken as a sign they’re not interested. Cancers like to know they’re talking to real and genuine people, which is why Aquarians trying to attract a Cancer should consider adding these qualities to their bios.

“To catch one of these supportive empaths, bring your ‘real’ and ‘genuine’ self — qualities they name check in their bios,” says Tinder.

Leo perfect match: Aries

“Leos may be vain, but when it comes to Tinder, they’re definitely at the top of the dating game. They’re most likely to swipe right (talk about a fire sign), and fittingly, Leos are also the most likely to name their sign in their bio,” says Tinder.

Leos are also more likely to list ‘CEO’ as their job title, and according to Tinder data, love to boast in their bios about their successes.

Virgo perfect match: Scorpio

It’s rare to see a Virgo call out their star sign in their bios, but they’ll let you know of their Virgo-like qualities in other ways, for example, by calling out their hardworking nature.

“If you’re ‘spontaneous’, looking to ‘explore’ or ‘high key’, expect Virgos to steer clear: these terms are least likely to make their way into a Virgo profile,” Tinder says.

Libra perfect match: Aries

“While other signs may look to the stars for love, Libras look to the scales. Pragmatic in life and in love, Libras appreciate balance, logic and authenticity, which is probably why they are the most likely sign to have ‘authentic’ in their bio,” says Tinder.

According to the data, Libras tend to know what they want from a partner, and have a higher swipe rate than other, more shy signs.

Scorpio perfect match: Virgo

Passion is a key component of the Scorpio personality, and their determined and resourceful nature means they’re more likely to put ‘entrepreneur’ in their bio.

“They also show their passion in their swipe: they have amongst the highest swipe rate of any signs. But then they like to slow things down: they take among the longest to respond to a message,” says Tinder.

Sagittarius perfect match: Capricorn

Sagittarians have some of the lowest swipe right rates of all Tinder users, but if you’re lucky enough to match with one, Sagittarians are quick to move past small talk into great conversations.

“They move quickly from match to first message, showing they aren’t afraid to make the first move. They advertise their ‘spontaneity’ and ‘fun’ spirit in their profile, in hopes they’ll catch the attention of someone who can keep up,” says Tinder.

Capricorn perfect match: Sagittarius

“Capricorns might be hard to catch on Tinder, but if you find one of these profoundly intelligent partners, it’s worth the work. They’re ambitious, frequently touting their ‘hardworking’ nature in their bios, which doesn’t leave them with much time for swiping,” says Tinder.

Data shows Capricorns are actually the least likely to swipe on Tinder, both to the left and right. As such, they may be the rarest to find on the app. Sorry, Sagittarians.

Aquarius perfect match: Sagittarius

Aquarians are selective in their swipes and like to discover common traits and values in line with their humanitarian and climate passions before matching with a partner. As such, they have a lower swipe rate compared to other signs.

“Humanitarian activist Aquarians put their call out for a partner with words like ‘volunteer’ and ‘climate change’. They’re most likely to call themselves artists or use terms like ‘music’, ‘concert’ and ‘museum’ in their bio,” says Tinder.

Pisces perfect match: Aquarius

Emotionally intelligent Pisces are the least likely to display their signs in their profiles. In addition, they’re some of the slowest users when it comes to responding to messages. When they do respond, however, their language is kept thoughtful and kind.

“Pisces are all about the feelings, and they like to catch them too. The emotional and intuitive Pisces want people to know they find the world inside their head just as interesting as the one outside,” says Tinder.

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