New Dating App Lets You Flag People Who Are Sleazy, Rude or Prone to Ghosting


It’s true we’ve all got to kiss a few frogs to find our people, but a new dating app is helping us weed out undesirable daters with characteristics the masses may find less appealing.

Helium, a new dating platform recently launched in Australia, has a unique proposition that allows you to label users on the app with a series of words to help others on the quest for love (or at least a date).

After a bit of banter, by which you may have gotten the chance to get to know the person, you are given the option to label them with the following tags:


The tagging system allows users to filter potential matches based on qualities they may find attractive. For example, if someone is looking for a ‘wild’ partner, they can seek out people who have been tagged as such.

Of course, we’re most interested not in the qualities we’re seeking, but rather the fact that we can eschew people with ghosting tendencies and those who have been branded as ‘rude’, ‘sleazy’ or ‘fake’.

On a person’s profile, either the top tag or most recent tag will appear, so if you’re a bit of an asshole on dating apps, there’s really nowhere to hide here.

“Our tagging system encourages respectful behaviour and gives you the chance to put your best foot forward, empowering you to decide who you wish to communicate with,” Helium says on their website.

“We’re not just another dating app, we’re bringing conversation back.”

It’s a pretty nifty system to encourage accountability and help people find a more compatible match sooner, however, we also think there’s something to be said for people who seal their own fate with unsavoury comments without wasting too much of anyone’s time (despite how irritating it is to be on the receiving end).

The fear, we guess, is that people won’t show their true colours to avoid being tagged in a negative way, and it’ll be all the more shocking to someone genuinely looking for a connection when someone you’re talking to finally reveals themselves as a serial ‘ghoster’.

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