The Trailer for Daniel Johns’ Short Film ‘What If the Future Never Happened?’ Is Here

What If the Future Never Happend? daniel johns silverchair short film rasmus king

There are few Australian musicians more creative and impactful than Daniel Johns, and now, the rock star is bringing his talents to a new medium, via a short film titled What If the Future Never Happened?

The short film is described “as genre-bending, semi-autobiographical featurette that puts reality and fantasy in a hyper-speed spin cycle”. Even better, it uses music from Johns’ solo album FutureNever, as well as orchestral renditions of some of Silverchair’s biggest hits, like “Freak”, which can be heard in the trailer below.

For Johns, “the FutureNever era… is about defying convention and making ambitious art across all mediums,” he said in a press statement for the release of the trailer.

What If The Future Never Happened? is a grunge, sci-fi short adventure inspired by the pop culture I was immersed in before a curious case of child stardom,” Johns explained.

Calling it “the most honest and most fantastical thing” he’s ever done, Johns added: “I can’t wait for people to see it, but until then I hope the trailer gets people excited — it’s a hell of a trip.”

Here’s everything you need to know about What If the Future Never Happened.

Who Is Starring in What If the Future Never Happened?

The cast of What If the Future Never Happened? features a lot of up-and-coming Australian talent, as well as Daniel Johns himself.

In the lead role of young Daniel Johns is Rasmus King, best known for his role Choc on the TV series Barons. He’s also featured in the film 6 Festivals, which is playing at Sydney Film Festival this year.

Also starring in the short film are: Autumn Fawn, Lockie Ranson, Kobi Williams, Quinlan Deakin, Charlie Farmer, Christian Morison and Christopher Jarret.

What Is What If the Future Never Happened About?

The film’s official log line is as follows: “It’s 1994, mere months before a teenage rockstar called Daniel (Rasmus King) would conquer the global music world in ways never-before-seen. On this ordinary day in regional Australia, while escaping the routine torment of three local bullies (led by newcomer Lockie Ranson), a chance interaction with a mysterious figure from the future will change Daniel’s Tomorrow forever.”

You can watch the trailer below:

Who Wrote and Directed What If the Future Never Happened?

James Medlam directed the short film, which he also co-wrote with Heath Jones. Jones created the film’s story based on the life of Daniel Johns.

When Will What If the Future Never Happened? Be Released?

There’s no official release date listed for What If the Future Never Happened? just yet, but check back soon, and we’ll update this post as soon as we know more.

How to Watch What If the Future Never Happened? in Australia

It’s unclear thus far where What If the Future Never Happened? will be released, but as soon as we know more, we’ll update this post.

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