Dan Andrews Steps Down as Premier of Victoria

An image of premier dan andrews who has resigned as premier of victoria

Longstanding Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced on Tuesday that he will resign as leader of the state.

“It’s not an easy job, being premier of our state. That’s not a complaint, it’s just a fact,” he said at a snap press conference.

“It requires 100% from you and your family. That, of course, is time-limited, and now is the time to step away.”

The decision will take effect at 5.00pm tomorrow, Wednesday, 27 September.

Andrews served as the 48th Premier of Victoria, taking up office in December 2014. He oversaw the state during the black summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. During the latter, he received significant criticism from certain sectors for the extended lockdowns he enforced.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has paid tribute to the outgoing Premier, describing him as a “man of great conviction, enormous compassion and a fierce determination to make a difference.”

“And he has made such a positive difference to the lives of Victorians,” Albanese said.

“You can measure his contribution through nine years, three election victories — the last one with an increased majority”.

Why Did Dan Andrews Resign?

Andrews said in his resignation speech that his reasons for stepping down were personal.

“It’s not an easy decision because as much as we’ve achieved together, there’s so much more to do,” he said. “But when it’s time, it’s time.”

The Labor Party leader said that, after nine years, the job became all-consuming for him, and he was reaching the point where he was no longer enjoying it.

“You never want to get to a place where you resent this job, this amazing privilege and important opportunity,” he said. “That would not be right, and I simply won’t allow that to happen.”

Andrews said he came to the decision “fairly recently” and thanked Parliamentary colleagues, political mentors, and his team for the work they’ve done throughout his term.

Who Will Be The Next Premier of Victoria?

The next Premier will be determined by a caucus meeting of Labor MPs at midday tomorrow. If more than one candidate emerges, there will be a vote by the Victorian Labor Party on who they want as their leader.

As it stands, Andrews’ Deputy, Jacinta Allan, is widely tipped to take up the role as leader. Having taken on the role of Deputy Premier last year, Allan also serves as Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and, until July, was Minister for the Commonwealth Games. Like Andrews, she is part of the Socialist Left faction of the party.

Andrews won the party another term in government last year, meaning the next state election in 2025 will be the first without Dan Andrews involved in over a decade.

After first being elected to Parliament in 2002, Andrews has said he is likely finished with public service. He mentioned looking forward to getting through the “pile” of unread books in his room, playing golf, and spending more time with his wife, Catherine, and their sons, Noah and Joseph.

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