You Can Customise Your Dog’s Collar with This DIY Decoration Kit


Your dog deserves the best when it comes to treats, food, its cosy little bed and the cosy little clothes it wears to keep warm. And their collar is no different.

A dog’s collar never leaves their neck and is perhaps the one chance you get as a dog owner to show off your pet’s personality and style while on walkies.

Sure you could browse Etsy stores and pet shops for a collar that most suits them, or you could design and create your own with a Moo+Twig DIY collar kit.

The kits come with everything a human needs to “unleash” their inner artist and create a one-of-a-kind collar for their furry best friends.

In addition to a small, medium or large leather collar (with a leather bow tie!), you’ll also receive a leather monogrammed tag with stainless steel plate, paintbrushes, paint pots, leather sealant, and an instruction card.

When buying your kit, you’ll have the opportunity to choose four colours from a wide range of shades to help you carry out your design.

Source: Moo+Twig

Should you be feeling a little less confident about your own painting skills, Moo+Twig also have a range of custom painted collars that you can design yourself.

Choose between leopard print, sprinkles, peaches, love hearts, or a galaxy design, and personalise your own shades to really make it feel yours.

Both the custom collar kits and custom hand-painted collars will set you back $69.95. But right now, Moo+Twig are holding a ‘DIY July’ sale and taking 15% off collar kits, so it’s truly the perfect time to snatch one up for yourself. We mean your pet.

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