Custom Furniture Isn’t As Expensive As You’d Think — and It Has Long-Term Benefits

Fform custom furniture Sydney

For many, the thought of creating custom furniture can be daunting. You might think it’s too expensive, too complicated and too long of a process. And while that might’ve been true in the past, today, that’s no longer the case. A simple search of “custom furniture” will bring up pages and pages of companies that offer the service — and for affordable prices and easy processes.

“Furniture is not one size or style fits all, so we believe in offering options that best suit your home,” says the founder of Fform who wishes to remain nameless. Ffom is a Sydney-based design company that makes made-to-order tables, rugs, side tables and consoles. For sofas, only width, firmness and fabric can be customised.

The company lets customers specify piece dimensions, finishings and anything else you’d like to customise about it so that it’s all tailored to your space. Fform’s founder says the process is getting in touch to tell the team what you require, with the help of images, sketches or Fform’s current offerings. The team will then quote you based on materials and dimension requirements. The lead time is 10-12 weeks.

Fform furniture
Image: Fform

“It’s not as daunting or as expensive as you think,” the founder says. “You don’t have to able to draw or give us a technical drawing. We supply all that to you when we create our bespoke pieces.”

Aside from being able to create pieces that few or no other people have, custom furniture has another benefit: it’s more sustainable. When you create custom pieces, you’re designing an item that’s exactly what you need and want.

“When you create furniture that is exactly to your liking, you will love it forever,” says custom furniture brand Living Designs Furniture. “You won’t look back on it in a few years and suddenly want to get rid of it. Custom pieces allow the customer to buy furniture that they will get the most use out of in a design that fits their personality and lifestyle, making it the most sustainable choice.”

In Sydney, in addition to Fform, other custom furniture brands include Pedulla Studio, So Watt and Naturally Timber. For Pedulla Studio, the process is to answer a questionnaire on what you’re after or to visit the Northern Beaches workshop to discuss the project in-person. Then, you’ll get a price estimate, and start discussing the design and finalising the quote before build beings.

Pedulla Studio Oak Dining Table
Image: Pedulla Studio

“It’s very important to Nick [Pedulla, the furniture designer] that you enjoy the process as much as he does so you are welcome to visit his workshop to view the journey of your piece to its completion,” reads its site.

In Melbourne, custom furniture brands include family-owned JR Bespoke Designs, which makes furniture including dining tables, entertainment units and coffee tables, Cenzo, which produces timeless, minimalist pieces, and Made By Morgen, founded by Nicolas McDonald who was trained in the art of furniture-making in Berlin and London before he returned to Melbourne and opened the company.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that simple DIY projects are another way to give you custom furniture. IKEA has a blog dedicated to DIY projects you can do with its furniture as a base. And if it’s upcyling you’re keen on doing, Mitch McLean, a DIY expert at Bunnings Workshop, shares some of his top tips for upcycling furniture here.

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