Ready to Level-Up Your Jade Roller With This Crystal Version?

Whether you’re a jade-rolling superfan or have never tried the contraption yourself, there is new trend surfacing where face rollers are involved: And everyone, I mean everyone, should give it a try. Enter, the crystal face roller.  While I’ve already hopped on the bandwagon and purchased myself an amethyst face roller, I’ve found the benefits to be ten-fold, if only because I’m willing myself to see said benefits. If you’re a total newbie when it comes to face rolling, or if you just need that final push to add a crystal version to your already existent jade roller collection, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about crystal face rollers. 

What Is a Face Roller and How Do You Use It?

First things first: What exactly is a face roller? And how do you use it? Never fear, I was once in the same position, and I will readily admit that the concept seems strange at first. For the uninitiated, a face roller is a small object made up of a wand handle and either one or two rolling pieces on either end (imagine the rollers you’d use to paint a room, but miniaturized). The purpose: well, to roll your face. Stemming from 17th-century beauty traditions in China, the repeated motion of rolling the stone over your face is said to have a multitude of benefits,  from increasing circulation to releasing tension. 

Holding the wand stem of the roller, you can use the larger stone to roll over larger areas of the face and the small stone end for the smaller spaces. The large stone is perfect for glossing over cheekbones and foreheads, while the small side is perfect for working away those under-eye bags. Starting from the centre of your face, it’s best to roll outwards, picking up the roller in between strokes rather than pulling back and forth on your sensitive facial skin. 

Benefits of Rolling

The idea behind using a face roller to perfect skin comes from the concept of stimulating the lymphatic system. As reported by The Strategist, rollers work by “stimulating the fluid that flows through the lymph nodes in the jaw and neck.” And the results are nothing to scoff at. From reduced redness to less puffiness, rolling makes for an overall more youthful and fresh appearance. It has even been reported by The Huffington Post that face rolling could even reduce acne. In addition to helping serums soak into the skin better, face rolling also helps the muscles and body de-stress, making it a beauty ritual akin to meditation. Some think that the benefits of face rolling might be a result of this de-stressing, but no matter what it is that is benefiting the skin after consistent sessions of face rolling — it seems to be working, and the popularity of the practice is only growing. 

How Do Crystal Rollers Differ from Jade Rollers?

Now that we understand what rolling is, how it’s done, and the benefits of it; it’s time to introduce the new kid on the block: The crystal roller. Similar to it’s popular older sibling the jade roller, crystal rollers come in the same form as the jade versions and they work the same. As the name would suggest, however, the main difference is that these rollers are made of different crystals rather than the traditional jade. Depending on which crystals (or colours) you prefer, there are a number of options on the market today. Trawling through the internet, I’ve come across endless variations, including black obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone. There’s something for everyone!

Healing Properties of Crystals:

While the crystal rollers work exactly the same way as their jade counterparts, the case has been made that crystal rollers provide additional benefits, depending on the healing properties of each stone. Much like the concept of wearing specific crystals in jewellery, or keeping a small collection on your bedside table, crystal rollers are said to emanate powerful vibrations which contain healing powers. If this sounds like something you’d like to further incorporate into your beauty routine, having a crystal roller is an easy way to do so. For example, a rose quartz roller might help you meditate on opening your heart chakra while you roll; while a moonstone one might help you manage your ego and balance hormonal problems. Whichever crystal you decide on, a quick Google search can provide more information about its properties and powers — so if you believe in their healing properties, choosing a specific crystal for your roller might be right up your alley. 

Where to Buy: 

There are so many places to buy crystal rollers both online and off, so I’ve helped to narrow down the options by finding some crystal rollers I’m tempted to add to my beauty cabinet. Keep reading to check out the different rollers I’ve found, and to see just how much variety there is when it comes to choosing which type of crystal you want yours to be made of.