Why a Cruise Is an Unforgettable Family Holiday

carnival cruise ship

As Australia endures the deep throes of winter — or, at least, our tepid, pretty moderate version of winter — you might catch yourself dreaming of warmer getaways. Crystal clear waters, beaming sunrays and food and drink to match. But, with a growing family, the ideal holiday that suits everyone can be hard to come by. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the inevitable complaints of a road trip or the mind-blowing expense of a flight to enjoy a family holiday. Taking to the waters via a cruise ship helps bundle all the fun into one, and there’s stuff for the whole family.

Cruise ships, like one of Carnival’s, are stacked with fun for the kids, fun for the parents and fun for the whole family. In case you still need convincing, here are some reasons why your next unforgettable family holiday awaits you at sea.

Cruise Packages Can Cover Most of your Expenses

waterslides cruise ship

One of the biggest reasons cruises are go-to for families is that they can offer the convenience of an almost all-inclusive holiday. Meals, accommodation, entertainment, and transportation between destinations are bundled into one easy package. This already wipes a huge amount of stress from organising a holiday in the first place. No worrying about separate accommodation. No worrying about making a strenuous itinerary. Just more time to spend with the family.

Of course, Carnival has plenty of food and entertainment options included in its packages. But, if you’re so inclined, you can enjoy other amenities and experiences for an additional cost.

Endless Entertainment for All Ages

carnival cruise dive-in movies

Cruise ships are essentially floating resorts, packed with entertainment options to suit every family member. On Carnival alone, you’ll find water slides, mini-golf, and even Dive-In Movies. For the parents, you can find yourself at some of the ships’ many bars and night-time entertainment, like stand-up comedy and live productions. You can even head to the Serenity Adults Only retreat for those well-earned moments of peace.

Even teenagers can enjoy their own time, with dedicated spaces like Circle “C” and Club O2 hangout spots to keep parents at bay if only for a little while.

The Kids Won’t Get Bored, Trust Us


As we said, cruise ships sport amenities and entertainment options for the whole family. But kids, with boundless imagination and seemingly endless energy, will want fun at every turn. Cruise ships like those of Carnival provide that, and then some.

You already know that water slides and mini-golf can entertain under the sun, but there are also arcades, and even an entire Dr. Seuss-themed entertainment range — Seuss at Sea — to keep the fun going.

Beyond that, there’s plenty of Kids Clubs specifically crafted to make sure your kids can have supervised fun without you. You can also drop them off at Camp Ocean, where trained supervisors keep kids aged 2-11 engaged in a range of ocean-themed activities — and make new friends! As day becomes night, your youngens can also enjoy the luxury of staying up late — as late as midnight! — as part of Night Owls, where they can have supervised fun, games and giveaways while you spend your night indulging in what else Carnival has to offer.

Oh The Places You’ll Go

ocean blue children cruise

Cruise ships are packed with things to do, we know this, but what’s a holiday without a destination? Cruises like Carnival travel to plenty of idyllic destinations around the world, all while making the trip there just as fun.

Whether it’s tropical islands, historic cities, or stunning natural landscapes, there’s a wide range of itineraries available to suit different interests. Whether you’re looking to see the wonders Australia has to offer, or venture out into the beauty of the South Pacific, there are plenty of places just waiting for you and your family to explore.

To get started on planning your next family getaway, head to Carnival’s website to see all the latest deals before they depart.