Croissant and Baguette Lamps Made from Actual Bread


Croissants light up your life, and now they can light up your room too. One designer has created bread-inspired lighting made from actual bakery ingredients that will never spoil, and will instead cast a glorious, warm glow over your space.

Yukiko Morita’s bread ambience lamps come in eight delicious forms, including a baguette, croissant, dinner roll, toast slices, and larger bread loaves. Though they look enough to eat, it’s probably best you don’t indulge the urge — though Morita’s lamps are made from actual baked goods, they are covered in an epoxy resin.

Under the brand name Pampshade, Morita’s bread lamps are baked and hand-assembled in Osaka, Japan. After baking the goods, she carefully carves out the insides and installs LED strips. She then coats each piece in the preserve which helps to “maintain its oven-kissed golden hue and ensure that it will never go ‘bad'”.

Image: Pampshade

The lights inside, though not quite bright enough to solely illuminate a room of function, make for a perfect mood lighting pool and would ideally be a spectacular nightlight. The toasted nature of the bread casts a naturally warm glow while the glutinous strands in the bread ensure no two pieces ever appear the same.

The baguette, loaf some of Morita’s other larger designs plug into an outlet while the smaller products like the dinner roll and croissant require only AA batteries. Likely the best option for Aussie shoppers to ensure an adaptor plug is not needed.

Image: Pampshade

Morita’s passion for bread began while working in a bakery. She loved her job, though Morita felt “deeply affected” by the amount of food waste she witnessed working in the food industry, and so she sought out a means of preserving the leftover goods.

Her bread lamps are made from leftover bakery goods, and hoping to reduce waste even further, Morita also repurposes the bread’s insides into twice-baked flavoured biscuits, which she also sells on her online store.

Image: Pampshade

Pampshade lamps start at AU $79 for a smaller item like a bread roll. Croissants climb to $89, while the larger pieces like the loaves and baguettes cost up to $202. International delivery is available.

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