Lockdown Is Ending in Victoria on Friday — Here’s Everything You Can Do This Weekend

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The most locked-down city in the world is finally getting a reprieve for what ought to be the final time. Victoria’s vaccination numbers have rapidly been climbing, and the state is expected to have 70% of its population fully vaccinated by Thursday, October 21.

After progressively tightening the restrictions following a delta outbreak in August, Melbourne, and then later the entire state of Victoria, was plunged into yet another lockdown.

However, those restrictions are set to relax again at 11:59pm on Thursday night, meaning that some semblance of normality will return on Friday, October 22.

Premier Daniel Andrews has said that Victorians have done well in getting vaccinated so fast.

“Victorians have sacrificed so much to protect their families, friends and the whole community from coronavirus – and have saved countless lives because of it,” he said.

“The milestone we’re about to hit marks a new and hopeful path for the whole state – allowing businesses to reopen and Victorians to get back to things they love.”

Here’s what you can do from Friday.

The Updated Roadmap for Victoria

Andrews has updated the list of what will be allowed once restrictions relax, increasing many of the freedoms that Victorians will be able to enjoy.

The main change is around travel and curfew, as the 15km radius is being scrapped and the evening lockdown rules lifted. However, those in metropolitan Melbourne won’t be allowed to visit regional areas just yet.


Up to 10 people will now be allowed to visit a home per day, including children. There are no time limits but people have been urged to use their common sense.

The rules also state that it is “strongly recommended” that only fully vaccinated people visit other homes, but there is no outright ban.

Pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality venues will be reopening, however, only 20 fully vaccinated people will be allowed indoors, with 50 allowed in outdoor settings.

Outdoor entertainment venues like open-air cinemas and sports facilities will also be opening with 50 person caps.

Hairdressers and beauty salons are reopening too, with a five-person cap on customers at a time.

Child care is re-opening and schools will be returning from Friday for grades 3 to 11 in Melbourne.

Religious gathers, weddings, and funerals can now go ahead with up to 50 people outdoors and 20 people indoors as long as everyone in attendance is fully vaccinated.

Working from home is still highly recommended if possible, and workers will be required to have had at least one dose of the vaccine before returning to work. Construction sites will now be allowed to have full capacity workers, but only if everyone is fully vaccinated.

Retail is still closed for the moment but is expected to return when the state hits 80% full vaccination, expected around October 31.

Masks will still be required in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Regional Victoria 

In regional areas, venues will now have increased capacity from Friday.

Indoor spaces are opening from 10 to 30 people and outdoor venues will go from 20 to 100 as long as everyone is vaccinated.

Further relaxations of the rules will happen at the end of the month or the first week of November when the state is expected to reach that 80% milestone.

Although case numbers are still high in Victoria, Premier Andrews has said that hospitalisations remain low and that a more rapid reopening could push them higher.

Victoria recorded 1903 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, October 18 and seven deaths.

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