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Country Road homewares

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Country Road has released more new homewares — this time, putting a circular spin on its chic designs. Made in collaboration with two Australian businesses, the brand’s new Rooks and Robes ranges are made entirely from recycled plastic bottle tops and bread tags.

The Rooks range features two dishes and a small tray, all marbled-look and made with plastic bottle caps recycled by Precious Plastic Melbourne, a Melbourne-based company founded in 2019. To date, the company has recycled around four tonnes of plastic waste, which would’ve ended up in landfill or waterways.

“We use bottle tops because they come in all types of colours, and polyethylene is a plastic that we can work with quite safely in an environment like this,” says Precious Plastic Melbourne co-founders Piers and Kayla Mossuto. “The plastic caps are sorted by colour and type, and granulated into small flakes to melt into new valuable products.”

Plastic bottle tops
Image: Country Road

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Meanwhile, the Robe range consists of a small bowl, round board and a long platter, all made from recycled plastic bread tags. The collection is made in association with Transmutation, a company based in Robe, South Australia and started in 2018. The latest drop of Robe products is the company’s third range with Country Road.

“I use my homemade machines to handcraft each item into the designed product using heat and compression methods,” says Brad Scott, co-founder of Transmutation. “This manual process means that each item has the original bread tags visible in the final product and you can see the ‘use by’ dates and outline of the bread tag in the final finish.”

930 bread tags went into the making of each Robe Small Bowl, 1,200 tags into the making of each Robe Long Platter and 5,500 bread tags into Robe Platters.

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Rooks Recycled Small Dish, $39.95

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