Slay Our Cost of Living Crisis With This Mint and Sustainable Advice

How long does a crisis remain a crisis? Because a crisis feels like it should be short and sharp. Meanwhile, Australia’s cost of living crisis has been long, slow, and torturous. Over an extended period of time, it has stretched food budgets, housing costs, and some of our bank accounts almost to the point of no return. 

However, this question is somewhat semantic in nature, and you might need some real and practical help right now. So, let’s cut the chit-chat, let’s get your house in order. Here’s some mint advice to help you through Australia’s extended cost of living crisis. Good luck.

The Groups That Gives Stuff Second Lives

Finders Keepers is my favourite Facebook group of all time. This is because it’s a community of Illawarra folk who list and plug A+ furniture that’s left on the curbside. 

As a Finders Keepers’ spokesperson explained on the group’s About Page, “Have you ever found anything on the side of the road that you felt you needed to share with like-minded pickers? I drive a lot, and I see furniture, antiques, modernist eyesores, rarities, IKEA whatnots, and so on, regularly, on the side of the road. Some of the wonders I find don’t work with my deco den, so I want to share them with others in the hope that they don’t end up in landfill.”

What’s more, this group quickly grew to not just discuss curbside furniture. People in this group will often list books, vinyls, food, and household items that they’re just giving away for free. 

Finders Keepers not only saves things from landfill, it saves your bank account from suffering. Why buy some new chairs when some nice ones cost just a car trip?

It’s worth noting that Finders Keepers isn’t the only group like this on the interwebs. There are plenty across Australia, all of them tackling the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Want my advice? Maybe click around to check if there’s such a group in your area.

Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

According to research by Choice, washing your clothes in warm water is more exxy than washing your clothes in cold water. 

In fact, if you’re washing half a load every day with warm water, it’s worth making the switch. Start doing full loads using the cold stuff. This daily change could save you $135.85 a year.

“Cold water washes clothes almost as well as warm water, and the difference is so small that the energy and cost of a warm cycle is just not worth it,” said Ashley Iredale, a team leader at Choice. “Modern enzyme-based laundry detergents are designed for cold water washing, so your clothes will get a great clean.”

Now, will washing your clothes in cold water heal Australia of its coal and gas addiction? No. Is washing your clothes in cold water better than demanding better climate policies through protests, letter campaigns, and dissent? Also, no.

But hey, it’s a cost of living crisis. And each dollarydoo you can save counts.

Box Divvy: An App That Can Save Your Bills

Hey, are you sick of paying a heck tonne of cash for the privilege of eating some carrots? Are you sick of queuing for celery? Are you sick of knowing that your mango money is supporting the supermarket system instead of our hard-working farmers?

Well, fear not, ‘cause Box Divvy has entered the building. Box Divvy is an app that can connect you and your community with some A+ farms. You can then pay these farms for their produce, removing the middleman. 

This produce is fresh as, doesn’t have packaging, and hasn’t travelled for ages. Additionally, Box Divvy’s model is more sustainable and might help you navigate Australia’s cost of living crisis. Not to overhype my own advice, but this is a classic win, win, win, win, win. 

“We pay farmers fairly and then profits are channelled back into lowering prices for members,” said Box Divvy in a statement. “It’s that simple.”

“The reason we can offer savings is we don’t have complicated storage or supply lines.”

It’s also worth noting that Box Divvy has some very happy customers. Take for instance Darren Moon. 

“It feels like we are, as a community, taking some control away from the large supermarket chains,” said Moon. “It shows people that there are alternatives.”

If you’re curious if Box Divvy can help you thrive in Australia, during this yikes cost of living crisis, then a link to their website’s right here. May this service, or a similar one, be a gorgeous vibe.

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