7 Cordless Lamps to Shop For Uncluttered Living

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One of the quickest ways for a home space to look more elevated is to organise and hide any electric cords. A mess of wires can make a place look cluttered, drawing the eye away from sleek and beautiful objects you might have around your home and instead to the cords that power them.

Enter the cordless lamp. They’re lamps that don’t require a constantly-running power source, and work instead either with single-use or rechargeable batteries. And because they don’t require you to plug them into an outlet, they’re portable, so you can easily move them from room to room, depending on where you need light.

These days, cordless lamps come in all shapes and sizes, from small brass lights that add a touch of elegance to any room, and colourful mushroom lamps you can use to bring some playfulness into your living room.

If you’re ready to cut your ties with wires, jump on the cordless lamps trend with one – or three — of our picks to shop below.

Wanyore Cordless Table Lamp, $59.99

Place this black cordless lamp on your bedside table, WFH desk or a small table next to a couch. Touch the head of the lamp to turn it on and off, and long press to control its brightness.

Cordless table lamp

Aladdin Cordless Candle Lamp, $87.41

This rechargeable lamp lasts 11-20 hours with each charge. It’s crafted with aluminium alloy and available in gold, silver and black.

Aladdin lamp

Cordless LED Dimmable Table Lamp, $86.40

Choose from one of three light settings with this brass, mushroom-shaped cordless lamp. It comes in colours gold, silver or copper.

Portable lamp

King Living Pallino Portable Lamp, $590

Choose from black or silver for this 22cm-tall portable lamp. It features a handblown glass sphere with a white finish that works to evenly diffuse light.

King Living portable lamp

MoMA George Sowden PL1 Portable Table Lamp, $143

One full charge of this lamp will give you four hours of light. The shade is removable, which allows for easy cleaning.

Portable lamp UA

Nordic LED Cordless Table Lamp, $244.22

This cordless lamp is powered by a rechargeable Li-lon battery hidden in the base. One full charge can give you up to 80 hours of light. The lamp also includes a dimmer so you can easily change your home’s setting.

Cordless lamp Nordic

Liuwei Portable Desk Lamp, $99.18

These mushroom lamps come in yellow, white, grey, red, black or blue. It’s easy to carry so you can even set it up an outdoor dining table or take it with you camping.

Mushroom lamp

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