6 Conversation Card Packs to Spark Deep and Meaningfuls


Getting back into socialising and creating relationships can feel a bit daunting after spending so much time by ourselves in 2020. But now more than ever, we are understanding the importance of connecting with others, and what an important role our friends, family and lovers play in our lives. 

People are really putting themselves out there in 2021. Whether it’s throwing a dinner party, going on a first date or setting up a weekly family Zoom call, the initiative that’s being shown to form and nurture intimate bonds with each other is definitely strengthening, and we’re seeing the benefit of putting in effort.

Even still, sometimes it can be difficult to connect with people. There are countless reasons for this. 2020 affected usn in so many ways, and although we all want to get out there and have deep, meaningful conversations with each other, it can be hard to break through. 

Lucky for us, conversation cards are having a real moment. Each different concept is mindfully designed to spark different types of conversations and connections, whether you’re playing with friends you’ve known for years, family members, or even on a first date, there’s a pack of convo cards that is perfect for your situation. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite six, to get you inspired to ignite deeper conversations.

Dinner Parties by Rosewell, $29

Designed and printed in Australia, this deck of cards is perfect for… you guessed it; dinner parties! The deck contains 50 personal and emotional questions that encourage a connection between family and friends. You pick up a card, read out the question and answer it yourself, before posing that same question to everyone else at the table. Just one card can provide hours-long discussions, so get your wine and snacks ready.

We’re Not Really Strangers, US $25

This one is perfect for first dates or with a long-term friend or lover. It asks personal and direct questions related to whoever is sitting opposite you and asks you to be truly honest about things such as first impressions, aesthetics vs. personality, and to find beauty in the uncomfortable. Get a glimpse of what it feels like to play We’re Not Really Strangers via this cute video.

Reflex: A Conversation Card Game, $39.99

Reflex is created by the enigmatic Flex Mami, and is stacked full of questions on love, life, death, politics, religion, purpose and career. This conversation card game is for big thinkers and is designed for you to dig deep and explore what you really believe in, and why. It’s perfect for any occasion; dates, birthday party, wedding, divorce celebration, funeral, work lunch, dinner party… be creative. Most recently, Flex Mami launched a new card conversation game called Questions About Sex, dedicated to sex and intimacy and created in collaboration with Lovehoney. 

Things Are Looking Up, US $40

These cards are designed for a conversation within, rather than with others. When you’re having a shit day, or you’re about to walk into a huge work presentation but are struggling to believe in yourself, you pick up a Things Are Looking Up card. Each card has a mindfully constructed prompt or suggestion that inspires joy, they’re great for breaking old habits and inspiring a new outlook. You can also use them as conversation starters with others, oh, and they have super fun paintings on the back of each card that blend together art forms and nature. 

Icebreaker by Best Self, $32

Icebreaker cards do exactly what they suggest; expertly break ice. With 150 conversation prompts that spark interesting conversation topics, they help you move beyond small talk and break down barriers. There’s a lot of would you rather’s and if you could’s, perfectly paired with a cocktail or two. If you want to get a bit vulnerable or deeper with anyone in your life but you’re struggling to get there on your own, then these are the cards for you. 

The Empathy Game, $35

The Empathy Game is all about telling stories. It’s the sort of game that makes you see people differently, and understand parts of who they are by the things they’ve experienced. It also brings people closer together, likening experiences that may have felt previously distant. You pick a card and tell your story, from everyday things to the fantastic, to the tragic. Afterwards, the listeners engage with your story by throwing the dice and exploring elements of their own experiences. It’s a unique take on conversation cards, and we dig it. 

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