This ‘70s Bathroom Trend Is Making a Comeback

Statement sink

Zoë Foster Blake recently shared inside her redecorated family home in Sydney’s Vaucluse, and while all of it was as tasteful as you’d expect, in our humble opinion, one room stole the show: the powder room.

Though its mottled green walls, sculptural rounded mirror and tumbled marble cobblestones were impressive, it was the sink — a rust-red Tropez freestanding concrete basin from Concrete Nation — that really caught our eye.


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The sink taps into the trend of statement sinks, identified by Architectural Digest last year. The publication noted they’d seen a fluid shift away from the expected, with bathroom sinks getting chunkier and funkier, often carved from hunks of geological specimens that look straight-up prehistoric.

“From statement sinks fit for Fred Flintstone to slick hunks of high-impact, super-polished marble, the verdict is in: Your basic bathroom sink is no longer cutting it,” they wrote.

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Corban De La Vega, chief marketing officer at interior design app DécorMatters, says a bold washbasin is a brilliant way to add a pop of colour, pattern and texture to your bathroom.

“In comparison to renovating the entire bathroom, installing a new sink can transform the space in a more affordable manner,” says De La Vega. “Not to mention, some sink materials can be more functional and efficient than traditional sinks, such as hiding dirt or toothpaste, or keeping water within the sink and off of the countertops.”

Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at interior design firm Decorilla, says it’s inspiring to see us embracing not just sculptural washbasins, but also new bold materials and colours. Schaffer says at his firm, they’re seeing a growing interest in Hollywood glam styling, and that metallic sinks — primarily silver and gold — are the secret to a more permanent dramatic design solution.

If you are thinking about installing a statement sink, ahead are a few things to consider.

Choose a Focal Point in Your Bathroom

Every bathroom needs a focal point, a centre of activity or attention, says Camilla Ingall, interior stylist and founder of interior styling company Unfolded.

“It’s best to create what this focal point is from the get-go to ensure you are deliberate in placement and design,” she says. “For example, avoid having the toilet as any form of centrepiece — instead, install a statement sink or shower screen. Tile placement can also be a focal point.”

Ingall says to opt for an undermount or undercounter sink that’s hidden, if you’re wanting to achieve a focal point in another aspect of the bathroom, like the view or the countertop.

Be Wary of Dark Colours for Your Sink

Though dark colours for your statement sink can generally be challenging, depending on the size of the space and the lighting, they can look good if done well, says Ingall.


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“They can work if your environment breathes natural light,” she says. “While a lighter palette in a bathroom is more common and popular, a darker palette can introduce a level of masculinity and maturity. There’s somewhat of a serenity with darker colours, too.”

Consider Natural Stone

Ingall notes that statement sinks aren’t just limited to bathrooms — they can work in kitchens, too. For both areas, consider using natural stone for the sink.

“It’s extremely durable and easy to clean,” she says. “It’s also elegant, and has a great range of choice, coming in a variety of colours and designs.”

Don’t Go for a Polarising Style If You’re Planning to Sell

Finally, don’t opt for too extreme of a style in a bathroom sink, says Shaffer. “It’s important to note that if you plan to sell your home anytime soon, avoid going too funky with this new trend as it’s not for everyone,” he says.

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