You Can Now Buy Sustainable Dog Poo Bags and Liners


There’s a special place in hell reserved for those who fail to pick up their dog’s droppings in the park and on footpaths. Seriously, and this is coming from a gal who stepped in shit in brand new shoes on the weekend, do better.

Thankfully, dog owners can now do one better than using even generic plastic bags, with the launch of these new compostable and biodegradable dog bags from How We Roll.

Cleverly named Dogo Bogo roll, the new release from the Australian-owned brand solves the dilemma of using wasteful plastic bags to pick up doggy doos in the park.

“We have cleaned up your waste with 100% tree-free and plastic-free products and now let us clean up your pooch’s waste too with 100% certified compostable and biodegradable dog poo bags,” How We Roll says of its new product.

Made from cornstarch and certified to Australian composting standards, the bags come in a roll of 15 and are lightly scented to mask odours — something puppy parents will no doubt be thankful for.

They’re free from sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens in their composition, and are expected to break down over time. As such, pet parents should aim to use theirs within three to six months of purchase.

The Dogo Bogo rolls are easy on the nose, eyes and environment, but they’re also easy on your wallet too. A roll of 15 will set buyers back $2.80 for a one-off purchase, or $2.52 on a subscription basis, whereby a new roll will be sent to your door every two weeks.

In addition to the doggy doo bags, buyers can also stock up on other goodies for themselves. How We Roll launched with bamboo and recycled toilet paper, however, now has a more comprehensive line-up that includes paper towels, tissues and compostable kitchen bags.

Launched in 2020, following the horrific bushfire season that destroyed an unfathomable number of Australian trees, How We Roll is a company providing an ethical and more sustainable alternative to supermarket toilet paper brands.

From the beginning, the brand committed to giving back by supporting bushfire-affected communities and fighting against climate change, and so partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree in a bushfire-affected region every time a box of TP was sold.

With this initiative, How We Roll has so far planted over 3,000 trees since launch, 1552 of these were planted in July.

Now, in their partnership with One Tree Planted, How We Roll is continuing to look after the planet with a new focus to also regenerate native animal habitats in the devastating bushfires of 2019/2020.

By supporting the brand, either with toilet paper purchases or by buying the new Dogo Bogo roll, you’ll be helping to turn feces into flora and fauna. Not bad, huh?

Shop How We Roll today.

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