There’s No Prize Money at the Commonwealth Games So What Do Athletes Get for Winning?

If I was effortlessly perfect at rhythmic gymnastics, I would have gone pro. This very year, I could have been standing on one of the Commonwealth Games podiums, winning a gold medal. My opponents, the crowd, and the commentators would all weep at my artisanal moves. But alas, I wasn’t born with the skill or the drive. Also, I have never tried rhythmic gymnastics.

Nevertheless, I wanted to know how much I would have been financially compensated in this alternate reality. So, here’s what I found out:

Do Our Athletes Get Money For Winning a Commonwealth Games Medal?

According to The Courier Mail, no Commonwealth Games medal winners score any prize money. Which feels like a classic move by the British monarch. Sure, they collect countries like Pokemon, but do they reward their Australian Squirtles for winning some swimming comps? No, they do not.

But fortunately, our athletes do actually get paid. A spokesman for Commonwealth Games Australia told The Courier Mail that they “provide significant investment into its member sports and individuals through those sports.” They also said, “Investment targeting bests performance.”

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Are Commonwealth Game Medals Made From Real Gold? 

Now, let’s jump back into the scenario where I’m a gymnast that actually likes green juices and also has gotten past their L plates. What if I’m unsatisfied with my Commonwealth Games Australia money? What if I want more? Could I melt my gold medal down into a gold bar? Could I then sell my gold bar like the beast that I am?

Regrettably, no. As per The Scotsman, the games’ gold medals are made out of sterling silver with a gold plating. However, the silver medals are made from silver and the bronze medals are made from bronze. 

So, in conclusion, I would have most likely not become a yacht owner by becoming an A+ rhythmic gymnast. But darn, I would have been beautiful. My gymnastics ribbon would have swirled so exquisitely that Jeff Bezos would have donated his money to the wind. If only things had been different. If only I cared about rhythmic gymnastics.

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