Australia’s Biggest Fantasy Is Having Sex Outdoors


Kinks come in many shapes and forms, but new data from a sex toy group would indicate us Aussies are getting off on one fantasy in particular.

While we generally love the intimacy involved with a sex session behind closed doors, new data conducted by leading app-controlled sex toy makers, We-Vibe, reveals outdoor sex is high up on the banging bucket list for so many of us.

According to their survey, 34% of Australians are fantasising about an outdoor sex romp this summer. In addition, 20% of people admit they’re interested in getting creative with a strategically placed showerhead during sex or masturbation.

We-Vibe ambassador and certified Australian sex coach, Georgia Grace, says there’s something about the warmer months that does well to increase the general libido of Australians.

“Whether it be a change in temperature or change of lifestyle, any sort of change in someone’s life can welcome a change in sexual drive and desire,” Grace says.

“During the Australian summer we do our best to keep it cool as things heat up. With longer days, a healthy dose of vitamin D and less clothing, desire increases during the holiday season and passion is abundant at the beach, by the pool or in bed — with the fan blasting!”

This summer, Grace encourages us all to explore our fantasies and experiment with new pleasure-centric experiences — whether that’s sensual eating in tandem with a partner or donning a wearable We-Vibe vibrating toy, and allowing your partner to control it via their smartphone at your friend’s next backyard BBQ. Surprise orgasm!

Here, Grace shares three top tips for heating up your summer lovin’.

Temperature play

Not always suitable to the chillier months, temperature play involves making the most of hot and cold items in the bedroom.

“Get an ice cube and trace it over your partner’s body starting with the lips, moving down their neck, to their chest, nipples, stomach and between the legs. You could hold the ice cube with your fingers or you could also hold the ice in your mouth with your lips,” she says. “This means your tongue and lips will also be cold, which can be exceptionally arousing as you kiss or lick erogenous zones.”

Skinny dip

An oldie but a goodie. Skinny dips are both thrilling and super sexy, especially when you can find a private beach or pool.

“Many will speak about the erotic charge that comes with stripping down; the fear of getting caught, the freedom of your genitals and nipples, and the joy of experiencing it with others. Find a body of water (or a blow-up pool in your backyard) and strip bare.”

Shower sex

Another vintage classic, the novelty of shower sex is yet to wear off. “When it’s a scorching summer day, all you want to do is get wet — so invite your lover to join you in the shower, or be your own lover. You could also bring a waterproof toy in to join you, like the We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator.

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