Coles Is Increasing the Price of Milk, Thanks to the Rising Cost of Living

As everyone knows me knows, I’m 100% a milk fiend. Whether it’s coconut milk, camel milk, or the milk from an extinct saber-tooth tiger, I want to taste it. I dream of one day being rich enough to have a cow in my living room that I could milk every morning.

That’s why when I found out that Coles was increasing its milk prices, I was a bit worried for my wallet. I was also curious as to why this product was raising in price. If you, like myself, care about this cow juice situation, then here’s everything you need to know:

How Much Is Coles Raising Its Milk Prices?

A one-litre bottle of Coles branded milk has increased from being $1.35 to now costing $1.60. Its two-litre milk was $2.60 and now’s $3.10, while the three-litre has jumped from $3.90 to $4.50. Moreover, a litre of Coles’ long-life milk was $1.35 and has increased to becoming $1.60. These new prices are being put in place in supermarkets and online all across Australia.

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Why is Coles Raising Its Milk Prices?

Coles has stated that its milk prices have increased due to sourcing, transportation, and packaging costs rising. This company has also noted that it’s been paying its farmers more for producing milk since July 1.

Leah Weckert, Coles Chief Commercial Officer, said in relation to this announcement, “We know customers are facing increased cost of living pressures and Coles remains committed to continuing to deliver great value to our customers. Raising prices is never something we do lightly, however the increased supply chain costs we are seeing, including higher payments to dairy farmers and processors, have necessitated these increases on Coles Brand milk products.”

Moreover, when The Latch reached out to Coles they said, “The key thing to note is that the majority of this price increase is going to farmers… Packaging and transport are just two of the components.”

It’s worth noting that heaps of farmers across Australia have had a really rough go of it this year. As you know, there’s just been so many floods, so much rain, and a ton of climate catastrophe weather events. If the new price of milk means that these farmers can thrive, then that’s two thumbs-up. I’d rather have milk cost a bit more than have these folks hanging by a thread.

But What Should I Do If I’m Struggling?

If you’re in need of milk but just can’t afford these increased prices during this cost of living disaster, then maybe you can cut your expenses elsewhere. For instance, Woolworths is currently price freezing a whack of its essential items. There are currently around 200 items that aren’t getting more expensive, so you can check our guide for them here.

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