How to Survive This Cost of Living Crisis By Hacking Coles and Woolies Discounts

To be honest, I’m over this cost of living crisis. It’s rollercoastered from being terrifying to dull to terrifying again, and my wallet just can’t take this uncertainty anymore. For real, is there an off button for this thing? Can I please pretend to be not tall enough to get onto this ride?

Fortunately though, Coles has stepped up their game and is offering some serious discounts. They have price-locked a whack of its essential items. 

“As we lead into Christmas, we know customers want to see price stability and prices come down on the products that matter to them most,” said Coles Chief Executive of Commercial and Express, Leah Weckert, “ So we’ve LOCKED the price of more than 1,100 products in-store and online and we are currently lowering the price of 500 more.”

They also asserted, “We will not only be publishing the prices of LOCKED products but also letting our customers know how long they can depend on that price.”

Now, was this move done out of generosity or for marketing purposes? Frankly, I don’t mind at this point. Whatever will make me stress less about paying the bills is more than welcome in my household.

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Hack the System: Go to Both Coles and Woolies

Back in June, Woolworths did its own price freeze of around two-hundred items. What’s more, some of the items that they froze are very different from the ones being advertised by Coles. Nevertheless, this is not a bad thing. In fact, you could use both of these companies’ price freezes to your advantage.

For instance, say you wanted to make a monster breakfast spread for your fam on the cheap. Now, your first point of call would be heading to Coles for some $2.50 croissants and some $12.00 sausages. However, after this, you should score your $4.25 cheese, $4.30 cage-free eggs, and $2.15 apple juice from Woolworths. All of these items will combine to create a bon appetit, a chef’s kiss, and a round of compliments from your loved ones. Balling on a budget, let’s go. 

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