Coles Is Bringing Self-Serve Doggy Treat Bars to All Supermarkets


Coles knows the role your pup has played in brightening your days in isolation, which is why the supermarket giant is doing right by you and your dog with its latest innovation.

Initially tested at a local Coles in Hawthorn, Melbourne, a self-serve doggy treat bar was met with overwhelming popularity that Coles has decided to roll-out the new initiative nationwide.

Over the next few months, Coles will install treat bars in stores across the country. Think of it like a pick-and-mix candy bar, only with stinky snacks that include bones, chicken bites and kangaroo tails. Yummo.

Coles says its new doggy treat bars are just one way it’s looking after our furry friends going forward. In addition to stocking a wider range of 60 new pet foods and treats, the supermarket is also launching Coles Pet Insurance in partnership with Guild Insurance.

Coles chief marketing officer, Lisa Ronson, told 7News: “We want to help Australians lead healthier and happier lives, and the same goes for their fur babies who are a huge part of the family and have never been more important in keeping us company and enriching our lives than they are right now.”

The insurance offering was developed after extensive research, and is “competitively priced with benefits including up to 100% cover prepaid on pre-approved vet bills.”

“Australians told us their main concerns with pet insurance were the size of their vet bill and unexpected costs that their insurance didn’t cover. So Coles Pet Insurance pays approved scheduled treatments directly to the vet, with customers only required to pay for the excess,” says Ronson.

It’s an exciting and admirable move from Coles, particularly when you take into account Australia’s love of pets.

According to the Pet Industry Association Australia, over 62% of Australian households own a pet. Of these, 38% own dogs and 29% own cats.

Out of those households with no pets, it’s said that 59% of people admit they would like to own a pet in the near future.

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