Get Your Coffee Table Interior Mag-Ready With These Expert Tips

Coffee table styling

“Something tall, something textural and something to read.”

I was scrolling through my TikTok FYP and stopped on a clip sharing how to style a coffee table. I was surprised, as I constantly am with interior design. While a result can look effortless, there is a method behind it and rules to follow.

In this TikTok, shared by Twostyle Interiors (@twostyle.interiors), the “something tall” was a vase with flowers, the “something textural” was a rope décor piece and the “something to read” was a coffee table book. The coffee table looked straight out of an interiors magazine.

@twostyle.interiors Something tall, something textural and something to read; Twostyles recommendation for the ultimate tablescape trio. ✨ #interior #interiordesign #interiordecor #propertystyling #housetour #coffeetable #styletips #livingroom #livingroomdecor #melbourneaustralia #melbourneproperty #modernhome ♬ original sound – TWOSTYLE INTERIORS

“Styled items on a coffee table give a nod to who lives in the home, their personality and memories associated with some of the décor,” says Emma Blomfield, a Sydney-based interior designer and decorator at Emma Blomfield Studio. “It’s a lovely way to inject personality and character into a space without overwhelming the room.”

Ahead, Blomfield shares some tips for styling coffee tables. From what statement pieces to start with and then build around, to how to correctly use a tray, here’s how to dress up a coffee table like a pro.

Start With a Statement Piece

When styling a coffee table, start with a larger item like a book or vase with flowers, and then build around that piece, says Blomfield. She also suggests decorating with an odd number of items, which has been said to be more appealing, memorable and effective than even-numbered groups.

Coffee table styling
Image: Instagram @emma.blomfield

“Placing three or five items on the table, rather than four or six, looks better,” she says. “That doesn’t apply to pairs, though, so if you wanted to place a pair of candlesticks on the table, that will still work nicely for symmetry. But grouping mismatched items should always be done in odd numbers.”

Play With Item Scales and Proportions

Next is the point touched on by the TikTok I watched. Blomfield explains it, saying that using different shapes and sizes on a coffee table allows your vignette or tablescape to be more cohesive and interesting.

“You can keep a theme running through the items such as texture or colour repeats, but varying the size of the items like tall skinny objects paired with short fat objects makes the tablescape more pleasing to the eye,” she says.

Consider Adding a Tray

“Placing items straight onto a coffee table can make them look messy, but adding a tray underneath instantly makes it feel as though each of those items belongs there,” says Blomfield. “Trays are an excellent way to corral your items together.”

Coffee table styling
Image: Instagram @emma.blomfield

Bring in Live Elements

Finally, Blomfield suggests bringing in some live elements to your coffee table setup, like a plant or vase of flowers. “That living element will help to connect you to nature as well,” he says.

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