‘Clueless’ Stars Make a Pitch for a 2023 Remake — Here’s How It Might Look

They say don’t mess with the classics, but doesn’t a Clueless reboot sound just bloody F-U-N? 

It’s been a hot minute — 28 years to be specific — since the Clueless movie delved into the charmingly vapid life of Cher Horowitz and her Beverly Hills Bratz crew. Now two of the original cast members are making a case for a modern-day reboot and, quite frankly, I’m here for it.

Appearing at ‘90s Con’ (my dream event) Stacey Dash — who played Dionne — and Elisa Donovan — who played Amber — chatted to Entertainment Tonight about a Clueless remake. 

The reboot “would be up to Amy [Heckerling, director]” said Dash. 

“I certainly feel like there is a real desire from fans and the public to see that,” added Donovan.

This latest development comes after Alicia Silverstone launched reboot discussions when she reprised her role of Cher for a 2023 Super Bowl ad. At the time she told The Hollywood Reporter she’d be keen to get the gang back together again if the conditions were just right.

“We’d have to come up with a really smart way to do it,” she said. “But I’m game.” 

If Alicia Silverstone is in – it’s time to fire up the pristine, white Jeep Wrangler!

But how would Clueless look in this day and age? I mean, everything and nothing has changed since 1995. Let’s take a look at some potential storylines that could develop for this new-look Clueless. Because until we have concrete news this reboot has been greenlit all we can do is dream.

Cher and Josh are running a non-for-profit

After moving past that whole ‘I’m dating my brother’ hump, Cher and Josh are now happily married and running a very successful not-for-profit organisation. With Cher’s style prowess and way with words, she’s heading up the PR side of a charity that pushes for more sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Her better half is using his degree in environmental law to run the logistical side of things. And, of course, she’s still wearing Alaïa — but it’s vintage. Totally sustainable!

Dionne is the fashion editor-at-large for a magazine

When quizzed by Entertainment Tonight on what she could see Dionne doing decades later, Stacey Dash said her character could definitely be a “fashion editor of a magazine.” This honestly feels like the most realistic progression for D, who spent the entirety of the original movie with her platform heels firmly on our necks, serving look after look! Also, for the record, her driver’s licence has been revoked and she takes Uber everywhere.

Amber is a pro-tennis player

“Seeing [the original characters] as adults and in their lives as grown-ups and with children or without children would be pretty hilarious,” Elisa Donovon said. You know what else would be hilarious? If Amber’s *ahem* nose procedure healed and she decided that actually having balls fly at her face was exactly what she wanted to do with her life as a pro tennis player. Turns out she has quite a talent for fiery backhands and a killer ace up her sleeve — she’s now a star on the WTA tour, go figure! 

Murray is a driving instructor

Donald Faison aka Murray aka Dionne’s boyfriend has realised that after his hellish turn trying to teach his girlfriend how to drive, he needed to really apply himself to keeping the roads safe. He is now a top-rated driving instructor in the Beverly Hills area — he is known for keeping his cool even when his aloof students make an illegal turn into oncoming traffic when they spot a ‘50% off sale’ at the mall. 

Travis runs a Fortune 500 company

Our beloved Travis, the friendly, skateboarding stoner that stole the heart of Tai (RIP Brittany Murphy) is now running a Fortune 500 company. It turns out he always had a wonderful skill of ~connection~ that has opened many doors for him in the boardroom. And, yes, he can still do a kickflip and enjoys the odd toke on some wacky tobacky. 

To stay up-to-date with Clueless reboot developments, stay tuned to The Latch.

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