The Headlines: The Climate Council Has Dropped 10 Ideas to Save Australia

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The Climate Council Has a 10/10 Plan

Fortunately, the Climate Council isn’t a group of supervillains who aren’t planning on bringing the planet to its knees by melting the polar ice caps. In fact, the opposite is true. These folks want to save Australia from even more climate pain, heartache, and catastrophes.

So, with that in mind, this group is calling on the Federal Government to have a more ambitious emissions reduction target. The government has said that it will cut its emissions by 43 percent by 2030, while the Climate Council wants this number to be an impressive 75 percent. 

But instead of leaving the government in the lurch, the Climate Council has dropped 10 recommendations that would make their goal achievable. They are as follows:

  1. We need to ditch diesel buses. 
  2. We need to connect renewables to the power grid.
  3. We need more storage for the power that our renewables create. 
  4. We need to upskill our workforce so they can deal with this tech.
  5. We need an organisation that can help close our coal-fired power stations.
  6. We need mandatory fuel efficiency standards.
  7. We need all new homes to be designed to emit net-zero emissions.
  8. We need tougher rules for our big polluters.
  9. We need to stop subsidising the fossil fuel industry.
  10.  The government needs a climate and energy investment plan. 

We Now Have Space Diamonds? 

Aussie-based scientists have discovered folded space diamonds in a group of 4.56 billion years old meteorites. This surprised these scientists, as they wrote in The Conversation, “Now of course, everyone knows diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material, so the obvious question was: How on Earth (or in space!) could a folded diamond possibly form?!”

Fortunately, after a bunch of research, these people came to an answer. They believe that these meteorites had a cataclysm that created a super hot fluid mix and then a drop in pressure and temp. These meteorites also contained the right materials that would create diamonds under these conditions. Science is wild, aye. 

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Ukrainian Families Are Moving Back Home

As per The Latch’s reporting from August 12, the Ukrainian military has claimed that they have recaptured 3000 sq km of their territory in just three days. This figure hasn’t been verified yet, but there is evidence that Ukraine is doing super well at repealing the Russian forces. As per the ABC, a retired English teacher named Zoya has just moved back into her home of Zolochiv, which is just 18 km from the Russian border. 

“People are crying, people are joyful, of course,” exclaimed Zoya. “How could they not be joyful!”