What the Heck’s the Climate Club Alliance? And Why Did Australia Just Join It?

Clubs: They run the gambit from slays to sorrow. Some clubs are just folks honing their Beyblade skills, which is a vibe. However, other clubs are underground tickle rings, which is super concerning. 

Mercifully though, Australia has just joined a mint club. We are now members of the Climate Club alliance.

The Climate Club is a group of countries that plan to decarbonise their industries and have net zero emissions by 2050. It was created at a 2022 G7 conference, by the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The other countries in it include Canada, France, Italy, the UK, and America. 

When discussing this announcement, our Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, was hyped.

Anthony Albanese and Olaf Scholz
Image: Getty Images

“Australia is very pleased and proud to join the Climate Club,” said Albanese. “There has not been a new coal-fired power station built in Australia, nor is there one proposed or under construction, and that has been the case for well over a decade.”

“Together with the G7, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg, we are united in our commitment to be ambitious about taking up the opportunities that come from acting on climate. My government has set the ambition for Australia to be a renewable energy superpower.”

Germany’s Reaction

So, how is Germany feeling about this news? Well, Olaf Scholz has welcomed Australia into his club with open arms.

Olaf Scholz
Image: Getty Images

As Scholz explained, “With their cooperation, Germany and Australia are making an important contribution to reaching climate neutrality. We also want to expand our existing energy partnership and develop it into a climate partnership.”

“I am delighted that Australia has announced its will to join the Climate Club.”

What’s more, Australia and Germany’s chat wasn’t all vague pleasantries. According to Scholz, these countries discussed collaborating on producing more solar and wind energy. It’s hoped that by being members of the same club, such a task would be easier.

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